• A shortcut to Lasernet knowledge

    A shortcut to Lasernet knowledge

Tabellae Academy

Strengthen your skills and create value for your business. Tabellae Academy is not just a standard training session. It is an intuitive learning universe that provides in-depth Lasernet knowledge.  


Target group:

  • IT and ERP Managers/Consultants who want to maintain their Lasernet solution themselves
  • Potential Lasernet customers in the process of upgrading the ERP system or Lasernet and want to set the right requirements before implementation
  • ERP consultants at IT / ERP vendors who want to advise their clients even better
  • You who have welcomed new colleagues, received new tasks or demands from customers

Including in all courses

  • Instructor-led training and exercises
  • Catered lunch and coffee breaks
  • Ongoing tests during the course
  • Certification and diploma when you have completed and passed with an overall score of 70%



Tabellae Academy Catalogue


Courses 2021


Lasernet Basic - Get certified in 3 days

Learn how to maintain and administrate ERP documents in Lasernet Output Management.


January 19 - 21
February 16 - 18
March 16 - 18
April 20 - 22
May 18 - 20
June 22 - 24

You will be able to:

  • Understand why it is a benefit to use Lasernet
  • Setting up print and e-mail distribution
  • Understand the web administration tool in Lasernet
  • Setting up a basic Lasernet configuration with Input ports, Form Engine and Output ports
  • Understanding of the Lasernet Developer tool
  • Adding and editing basic elements to forms

Course modules during the 3 days:

  1. Introduction and presentation of the Lasernet product suite
  2. Introduction to the Lasernet workflow
  3. Rearranges
  4. Insert objects
  5. Patterns
  6. Calculations
  7. Tables, Shapes and Images
  8. Regions
  9. Sheets
  10. Dynamic regions
  11. Subforms
  12. Introduction to practical exam
  13. Practical exam
  14. Certification and summarization of the course

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Lasernet Connector Basic - Get certified in 2 days

Learn how to set up and configure Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 F&O.


March 23 - 24
May 25 - 26

You will be able to:

  • Understand why it is a benefit to use the LAC.
  • Setup a new server connection
  • Understand how to work with multiple environments and legal entities
  • Understand the differences between SSRS and Query based reports
  • Replace an existing SSRS report with a query based Lasernet report
  • Know the different ways to print/e-mail etc.
  • Understand the usage of the different report settings.
  • Enable archiving of a report
  • Create predefined destination rules
  • Create new language texts and translations
  • Familiarization with the contents of lists
  • Understand how overlays can be controlled from D365
  • Understand the flow and create a cloud printer

Course modules during the 2 days:

  1. Introduction and configuration parameters
  2. Reports 1
  3. User experience 1
  4. Reports 2
  5. Lists and overlays
  6. Cloud Print


  • Participant must have completed “Tabellae Academy - Lasernet Basic course”
  • Super user level in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Understanding of the concept “Relational Databases” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvrpuBAMddw
  • Basic knowledge of commonly used tables in D365 (Ex. SalesTable, InventTable, CustTable, etc.) 

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Om Tabellae

Tabellae är en implementeringsfirma som är specialiserad på fakturor, offerter och annan output från affärssystem. Vi minskar kostnaderna vid utbyte av dokument och minskar antalet okända faktorer i ERP-projektet så att den totala ERP-lösningen blir enklare att underhålla, billigare att uppgradera och kan släppas live i tid och inom budgeten.

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