Can your invoice document create added value ?

TranspromoAll ERP systems can generate a sales invoice — an invoice that provides the correct quantity, item description, unit price, VAT, total amount, etc.

However, does your invoice create more value besides securing payment for the delivery of a product or service?

The answer is probably no!

People spend about 1 to 3 minutes reviewing transaction documents, and 99% of all bills and statements are read. (Source: Infotrends)

An invoice is a document read by its receiver, often with great interest. However, you cannot say the same about marketing campaigns, information leaflets, and those sorts of communication materials.

Therefore, it really makes good sense to combine a “mandatory” document with communication material intended to be informative, cross-selling, or up-selling.

It is free and relevant—provided that it is done intelligently—and relatively easy to do.

When you combine invoice with information about your company or promotions, your invoice becomes a part of your marketing strategy rather than just being a transactional document.

Transpromo InvoiceThis approach is called TransPromo.

It is about using business documents in a more

·       targeted

·       personal

·       graphically intuitive

·       relevant, and

·       interesting way.

You will need the following:

1.    An ERP system

2.    An output management system

3.    Knowledge about your customers and the “triggers” related to your deliverables/products

With experience in handling more than 400 implementations of output management solutions for most types of ERP systems, Tabellae has amassed a rich stock of many good examples and ideas that your company can benefit from.

This is an example of a communicative and targeted ERP document - that create added value:

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