Business Case

Lasernet with Dynamics

5 + 1 Business Cases include:

1. Upgrade of ERP system - take a shortcut with Lasernet.

Many companies have upgraded the ERP system several times. Each time definitions and formatting are lost, as well as distribution rules regarding business documents. Lasernet greatly reduces the need for programming in ERP systems or host applications. Save between 3-10 days per business document when upgrading your ERP system by using Lasernet. Here is a lot of money to save. Tabellae has already created a complete package for Dynamics AX, NAV and 365.

Lasernet reduces costs by at least 50%. Lasernet makes it possible to prepare ERP documents approx. 10 times faster by making changes themselves and thus minimizing the need for consulting hours.

Save: EUR 30.000-100.000,- with just 8-10 ERP documents/forms.

2. Meet your customers' demands for business documents.

Lasernet can deliver all desired business document formats. With Lasernet, you can easily change the content of the form/document and the format of delivery. For example, you can send EHF to Norway, SveFaktura to Sweden, Finvoice to Finland and other EDI formats to your customers.

Lasernet removes the current limitations of the ERP system, and you can deliver the documents fully in line with your customers' wishes and requirements, at a very low cost.

Result: Save a lot of time and money on changes to documents and formats + Retain your position as the preferred vendor.

3. Reduce manual document handling routines and save on postage.

According to several analyses, the cost of handling an outbound invoice from middle sized and big companies is as high as € 5-9. This cost can always be brought down - or even eliminated - by taking advantage of Output Management.

A business has 1000 invoices and account statements per. month. 75% of these can be sent electronically with Lasernet Output Management.

Annual savings: EUR 35,000 - 50,000 (depends on the type of business and size)

4. Maintain your own business documents.

Time to market is important for business documents. As part of our Best Practice packages, the marketing department is able to design and maintain the business documents without the need of expensive programming due to our 14 document templates ready for use. Changes to the design of any business document can be implemented in a matter of minutes.

Even simple report changes can cost many consulting hours and lots of waiting time, if this has to be done directly in the ERP system. Lasernet reduces the time and effort needed to create, edit, and customize documents.

Benefit: Save expensive development hours and minimize time-to-market.

Overhold lovkrav med Lasernet

5. Comply with legal requirements to business documents - and get paid for company deliveries faster

During these years, a number of new legislation is passed (especially in the Nordic countries) regarding electronic exchange of business documents based on XML - and marking different XML variants. Turn requirements into business benefits with Lasernet and Best Practice, and be at the forefront when requirements come or when the public sector demands new formats.

Legal compliance is ensured by delivering the right business document to the right customer in their preferred format and via the agreed upon distribution channel. By sending these electronic formats, the recipient (your customer) is able to pay faster and thus the electronic exchange of orders and invoices in XML helps ensure the liquidity of your business.

Result: Automation, fulfillment of industry/regulatory requirements and better liquidity.

a green company

6. Save energy, reduce paper usage, and limit CO2 emissions.

Savings are generated by optimizing the delivery of business documents - the Electronic way.

By redesigning a number of paper-based work processes in collaboration with your customers and suppliers, your business contributes to less environmental impact.

Example: Does your business have 1000 bank statements and invoices per month, and reducing paper documents by only 60%, your business saves the environment:

  • 170 kg of paper
  • 4 trees
  • 3 tons of greenhouse gas CO2

Result: A more green and environmentally responsible business profile. Better environmental accounting!


Let’s future proof your business!

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