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Best Practice Package for Document Management

Many companies code themselves breathless - wasting hundreds of thousands coding documents directly in the ERP system. 
Completely unnecessary, as a Best of Breed solution is available. Tabellae Best Practice consists of the following: 

Output Management toolbox

Output Management toolbox

Standard Software
Lasernet Output Management has a close integration with most ERP systems.

Time-saving setup
Configurations are already predefined, saving you valuable time.
Ensures that all business logic remains within the ERP system and the Output adjustments follow the ERP system’s life cycle. Also provides genuine Preview, Archive and the opportunity to set up distribution rules and flows.
The 17 most common documents ready for use

The 17 most common documents ready for use

  • Sales invoice
  • Credit note
  • Delivery note (Packing Slip)
  • Free text invoice
  • Free text credit note
  • Customer Account statement
  • Reminder (Collection Letter)
  • Purchase order
  • Offer (Sales Quotation)
  • Sales Order confirmation
  • WMS Picking list
  • PSA Project invoice
  • PSA Project Credit Note
  • Invent Transfer Shipment
  • Return Order
  • Purchase Agreement Confirmation
  • Sales Agreement Confirmation
Choose between 3 different configurations and designs.

Inspiration catalog:
  • HTML emails
  • E-invoice
  • Barcode labels
  • QR codes
  • Product images
  • People images
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Advertising fields etc.
Implementation of Best Practice

Implementation of Best Practice

Do it right - the first time. Tabellae bases all implementation on extensive experience from more than 500 local and global ERP rollouts, including knowledge of international formats, requirements and opportunities.
  • Experience from 500+ previous implementations
  • Project model adapted to document development and QA
  • Professional project management throughout the project
  • Risk management
  • Effective Issue and Change Management control
  • Guidance in connection with the test procedure
  • Go-Live assistance
Operational support and task management across multiple time zones

Operational support and task management across multiple time zones

Our customers rate Tabellae Support 2.94 out of a possible 3.

SLA options
  • Response within 4 hours
  • Response within 4 hours
  • Response within 4 hours
Choose between
  • 1 time zone
    (Denmark CET)
  • 2 time zones
    (US East Coast UTC-6)
  • Annual Health Check with report
  • Backup of Lasernet license
  • Webinars
Courses and specific knowledge

Courses and specific knowledge

  • Free access to webinars
  • Free membership of Tabellae Lasernet User Forum
  • Opportunity for Tabellae Academy: certification and courses in Lasernet

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Document Management solutions for all industries

At Tabellae, we can deliver document management solutions to all industries. Through implementations in more than 500 ERP projects, we have gained extensive experience with document management solutions for several different industries and what requirements are set - this applies to everything from production, distribution, transport and logistics to retail, supply, service, finance and organizations.

If you are looking for an industry-oriented document management solution, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The food industry

The food industry

Food companies are expected to be able to make the same product, but with different labels and packaging that must be sent together with documents such as delivery notes, bar codes, pallet labels, production certificates, quality certificates, etc. The industry is also price sensitive and concerned with optimization and cost reduction.
Transport and logistic

Transport and logistic

The transport and logistics industry is characterized by strong consolidation and growth in volume. This entails increased gains from digitization and exchange of electronic formats, as well as automation of workflows, where e.g. consignment notes are automatically generated together with other documents and route planning entails automatic bookings of ferry and tunnel crossings.


The distribution industry is characterized by fast time-to-market, large volumes as well as requirements for documentation, instructions and electronic file exchange in area-specific formats. Repackaging, shipping and handling of goods also requires frequent use of barcodes, shipping documents with export declarations and RFID tracking tags.
The energy and supply industry

The energy and supply industry

The energy and supply industry has high demands on the level of information, user-friendliness and dissemination of documents. It needs be possible to specify customers' consumption per customer and the services must be communicated in an understandable manner. For example on invoices which contain graphs, QR codes, consumption development, good energy advice, etc.
The pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry

Safety, quality and documentation are paramount in the pharmaceutical and research industries with increasing demands for documentation and content, e.g. on production and quality certificates. Recipients must be 100% sure that the product is of high quality and that all safety precautions have been taken during production and shipping.


The manufacturing industry must live up to increasing demands on a daily basis such as demands for thinner margins, faster turnaround times and rising levels of compliance and rules. The industry must, for example, comply with new regulations on food information and be able to easily create, maintain and print labels and bar codes.


Many new communication channels combined with greatly increased requirements for data storage and transport make a well-thought-out Output Management strategy an important parameter for growth. One2One communication is often chosen for portals, e-Boks and mobile devices combined with efficient archiving, B2B and B2C marketing.


The industry is undergoing strong development in these years. With the support of Omnichannel and constantly new digital initiatives, there is an increased focus on communication with customers, whether it is B2B or B2C. It is about communicating with customers on the customer's terms - also in terms of document formats and TransPromo messages.


Members of organizations and associations expect high quality in communication. Letters and documents must be precise, targeted and in an understandable packaging.
The service industry

The service industry

The service industry focuses on efficiency and customer-oriented solutions. Those who are successful know how to meet customers' needs for individual communication, e.g. in the documents from the ERP system - and know how to ensure quality and efficiency, e.g. in the time registration systems.

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Get a second opinion on your setup

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About Tabellae

Tabellae is an implementation house specializing in invoices, offers and other output from business systems. We reduce the cost of document exchange and the number of unknowns in the ERP project, making the overall ERP solution easier to maintain and cheaper to upgrade as well as ensuring that it goes live on time and on budget.

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