• Join an exciting organizationwith a strong culture and humor

    Join an exciting organization
    with a strong culture and humor

School Project

Analyze real business issues based on company data within an international growth company.
3-6 months with access to information from employees at all levels.

Do you want to work with real practical business issues by testing the theories and methods that you have acquired during your studies?

And would you like to experience how your theoretical competencies also are relevant in situations on the other side of the university bubble?

Then you can write your school project in corporation with us, e.g.:

  • Master Thesis
  • Bachelor project
  • Semester project

Tabellae is an international growth company within IT consultancy of Document Management solutions to one of the world’s most used ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Write your school project with Tabellae

About Tabellae

The company consists of 70 employees and counting in 6 countries covering sales, marketing, implementation department and customer service operations.

Tabellae is undergoing a massive growth that has necessitated a professionalization and effort to bring synergy to the company's departments and processes, e.g., marketing process, sales process, work order process, project delivery process, customer support process and accounting process.

Therefore, we would love to have a perspective of our company from the outside with fresh eyes and new perspectives.

Tabellae locations

In order to further develop the company, we have a row of business challenges, we would like to invite students to be a part of to solve. It can also be within a corporate issue that you find interesting and would like to explore. Therefore, we are looking for students that can help us with e.g.:

  • how to optimize our use of one of the most used business systems worldwide - Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • how to optimize tracking of business data and use the insights optimally
  • analyzing and further developing the company’s onboarding process
  • Analyzing the connection between the implementation department and customer operations (handover process and optimization of this)
  • Optimize business synergy between departments and processes

School project

Your competencies

We expect you have an interest within our area of interest, ERP, IT and/or business documents and wants to bring your theoretical knowledge and analytical skillset into play to contribute to solve real business issues. We also imagine, you hold some of the following:

  • Studying a Bachelor degree or Master in Business Administration, Information Systems, International Business, Computer Sciences, etc.
  • Have great communication skills in English
  • Have a positive mindset and personal drive
  • Have an analytical approach
  • You are independent and happy to take the initiative
  • You are responsible and committed

Business collaboration with Tabellae

What you can expect from us

Our school project collaborations are designed to meet your individual interests, ambitions, and goals. To foster your expectations, learning goals, academic requirements for the project and time frame, we will:

  • Provide a personal contact person that will be a friendly face to help and guide you with your research within our company and spar with you throughout the collaboration
  • Provide access to the data and written materials that is the basis for the collaboration
  • Allocate and book resources in the company from which you can obtain additional data, e.g., to interviews
  • Ensure that you can be allowed to attend relevant meetings, conferences, etc. which is rewarding for you research project
  • Provide basic introduction to our products as well as the various departments and processes in order to give insight into the many aspects that apply in an international growth company within IT consultancy.

Contact person from Tabellae

Easier access to the labor market 

Tabellae’s school project collaboration is a great way to get great connections to the labor market, and it can make it easier to get a job after your education.

Here, you meet the challenges of the future, the business demands and gain insight into the IT industry. You will also test methods and theories from your studies in real issues in the labor market and gain new competencies.

Benefits of the collaboration

We love to work with students and want to make it a great experience for you too. Therefore, you will get:

  • free lunch and beverage at our office
  • expenses covered, e.g., transportation costs to our company, so you can interview relevant people or can do observational studies.
  • a great network within the industry and our many partners in Scandinavia
  • the possibility of job opportunities afterwards, e.g., internship, student worker or full-time employee
  • insight of how a real business handle problems or develop new business areas

Company collaboration

3-6 months - and a job might await you

We consider the school project collaboration the start of a hopefully long-term relationship and hope you will want to continue your journey at Tabellae. You will gain broad experience and knowledge about our company, products, and processes. Therefore, we will design the job and your role to meet your skills and interests if a job opportunity should occur.

Practical information

Start: School projects can start all year round. We adjust to your wishes.
Duration: 3-6 months
Location: Søndre Ringvej 41 1., 2605 Brøndby in Denmark
Contract: There will be signed a written agreement  from both parties.
* Project collaborations must often be approved by your teacher/educational institution.

Apply or questions
If you think it sound interesting to work with real company issues and data, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please contact COO Stefan Reina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to apply or have any questions.

Check out all job possibilities on www.tabellae.com/careers

Tabellae employees in Denmark

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Get a second opinion on your setup

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Let us contact you

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About Tabellae

Tabellae is an implementation house specializing in invoices, offers and other output from business systems. We reduce the cost of document exchange and the number of unknowns in the ERP project, making the overall ERP solution easier to maintain and cheaper to upgrade as well as ensuring that it goes live on time and on budget.

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