• Reduced project risks and easier document maintenance

    Reduced project risks and easier document maintenance

Lasernet Document Management for Dynamics 365

Tabellae’s Output Management solution, Lasernet, replaces coding directly in the ERP system and helps you work efficiently, support business processes and professionalize your communication.

Lasernet Output Management is standard software for creating, designing, formatting and distributing outgoing documents, reports and statements such as invoices, quotes, picking lists and labels.

Which Document Management solution for outgoing documents?

Do you consider upgrading your ERP system to D365 or are you just tired of coding documents and reports directly in the ERP system (SSRS)?

Enter your informations, and we will get back to you with a calculattion of your expected investment needs, ROI, and the ongoing savings using respectively Lasernet, SSRS and CBD.

Have your business case calculated

With only a few pieces of information from you, we can make a reasonably accurate assessment of the expected Return of Investment using Lasernet compared to SSRS and Microsoft Configurable Business Document.


Document Management Solution for D365


Standard D365 document management software replaces coding in the ERP system

ERP systems are designed primarily to process and display data on screens. The weakest link in ERP development is typically the creation of physical or electronic documents - and it's expensive

The ERP's integrated Output Management feature, which supports printing and document management, typically has major functional limitations, is complex, inflexible and time-consuming to manage. And, which is worse, when the system is later upgraded, the work is typically lost because coding is done directly in the ERP system (SSRS). With Lasernet Output Management for Dynamics 365 FO you get the following benefits:

  • You don't have to encode reports and documents in SSRS
  • You don't need to add new data to Lasernet as you need to in SSRS
    Via drag and drop in Lasernet, you easily place data or images for the report design
  • You can put documents and reports into production without having to wait for Microsoft
  • Report design isn't lost due to upgrading, as there is no direct coding in the ERP system

See here how easy it is to create documents in Lasernet vs. SSRS - or read more here.

Tabellae Best Practice Packages for D365

With several Dynamics 365 FO implementations of Lasernet, both local and global projects, Tabellae has amassed a fairly extensive knowledge of shortcuts (and detours) when it comes to setting up external documents.

This knowledge is gathered in our Tabellae Best Practice Packages for Dynamics 365 FO which contains:

  • Lasernet standard software
  • Lasernet D365fO Azure connector 
  • Best Practice* package from Tabellae
  • Document pack - with 14 predefined layouts
  • Distribution Setup for OIO, print, email, EDI
  • Electronic archive and Preview (PDF)
  • Template management of multiple accounts
  • Validation and management of electronic formats
  • Barcode Management / Labels / graphs

Do you want to know more about how Lasernet can be used? Then read how our customers use Lasernet as Document Management solution for Dynamics 365 here.

Tabellae Document Package 

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Document Management software with close integration in Azure

Lasernet has a close integration with Dynamics 365fO. Unlike Dynamics AX 2012, this integration is "physically" located in the cloud, Azure. 
This also means that a number of standard Azure technologies are also used in Lasernet for the Dynamics solution, including:

  • Load Balancing
  • Fail Over
  • Traffic Management

The standard package includes components and multiple servers that support this.

Lasernet for Document Management

Integration with ON-Premise documents and data

Lasernet is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and integrates with any IT system, including CRM systems, ERP systems and SQL databases. The Lasernet solution can also integrate Azure outputs "cloud print" with data and appendices from other systems in the Cloud or on the ground, "land-data". Thus, intelligent documents can be created, merged and distributed automatically before they reach the recipient (the customer).

The connector provides integration with Dynamics to ensure:

  • that no programming must be done in Dynamics
  • that genuine Preview and Archive is available in Dynamics
  • that distribution rules and flow can be set up in Dynamics and
  • that all business logic remains in Dynamics 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 as ERP system

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent company-programs, that helps you with maintaining the whole company and deliver better result through predictable, AI-based insights.

Microsoft Dynamics is built after business applications, including sales, marketing, service, operation, and commerce, that provide real-time insights in your company, which gives better results. With Dynamics applications you can create a 360-degree view of the company by sharing data across all business areas. Microsoft Dynamics addresses companies, that wants an ERP solution, that can be expanded after need as the company changes structure, expands in business etc.

D365 document management adds value to your ERP solution

If you are searching for a solution for d365 document management, you have arrived at the right place. With Tabellae, you can add even more value to your overall ERP solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with Lasernet for dynamics 365 document management.

Tabellae delivers and implements standard software for managing the company's incoming and outgoing business documents, which makes it possible to avoid encoding documents and reports directly in Dynamics. Our solution for dynamics 365 document management, Lasernet, is used by +520 customers worldwide.

Dynamics 365 document management as ISV solution

With Lasernet Output Management, you get an ISV solution, a standard solution for handling the company's business documents and reports.

Lasernet Output Management provides a complete solution that can develop all business documents as well as provide distribution and archiving with log history on each record, so you can always find previous versions of reports. With Lasernet, you can also put reports developed in tests into production - without having to wait for Microsoft. 

Document Management for Dynamics 365

Quick maintenance

Quick maintenance

Maintaining and changing documents is approx. 10 times faster to do with LaserNet. All documents can be changed from one place - intuitively via Drag and Drop.
Cheaper upgrade

Cheaper upgrade

Everything is programmed outside the ERP system, which means that the settings are preserved through future ERP upgrades. Typically, our customers experience saving a factor of 1:8 in time spent on upgrades.
Facilitates the work of IT

Facilitates the work of IT

LaserNet is far easier than coding. Employees can make changes directly in Word or InDesign, while IT avoids coding or spending time training.
Personalized documents

Personalized documents

Customize content and attachments to the recipient and distribute individual formats, including EDI, which can be used entirely without transaction costs.
Best Of Breed Software

Best Of Breed Software

Avoid 'offshoots' from your ERP solution and instead get a recognized software designed for the purpose.

Let’s future proof your business!

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About Tabellae

Tabellae is an implementation house specializing in invoices, offers and other output from business systems. We reduce the cost of document exchange and the number of unknowns in the ERP project, making the overall ERP solution easier to maintain and cheaper to upgrade as well as ensuring that it goes live on time and on budget.

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