• Lasernet for Customer Engagement

    Lasernet for Customer Engagement

Lasernet for Dynamics Customer Engagement

The Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement makes it easy to control both your sales and operations documents with one simple design tool.

The Lasernet Connector for CE creates a solution that provides central control over multiple data sources within Dynamics product suite - It is possible to combine data from Dynamics 365 FO and Dynamics 365 CE, eg. where an offer from CE retrieves images of the product in FO. Lasernet can create sales documents, e.g. quotations, which come from Microsoft Customer Engagement (CE) — regardless of the application: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Product Service Automation or Social Engagement.

Lasernet is 1 platform for both Operations and Sales documents

With Lasernet, you get a connector that covers 2 Microsoft products (Dynamics 365 FO and Dynamics 365 CE). The Lasernet conncector for Dynamics 365 CE covers the OM handling for both - both field services and modules assembled therin. 

Sales documents via Lasernet Customer Engagment connector

Lasernet - Document management solution for Microsoft Customer Engangement

Features include:

  • Brand consistency across different areas of Dynamics
  • Simplified print device management
  • Combine data from Dynamics 365 FO and Dynamics 365 CE

Achieve the following with Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Data from multiple sources

Data from multiple sources

It is now easy to join data from Customer Engagement (Entities) and Finance and Operations (Tables) on the same report. You can process the most simple right through to the most complex output requirements linking data from inside Dynamics with ease.
Preview function

Preview function

The connector has an integrated preview-function that makes it possible to view the documents before sending them. The previewed document is viewed as the final format.
Consistent branding

Consistent branding

Achieve brand consistency on all documents across different areas of Dynamics, regardless of which department produces them.
Logic Apps

Logic Apps

Lasernet supports Logic Apps.
Improved features with email dialogue

Improved features with email dialogue

Lasernet adds an email dialog where it is possible to select the recipient, subject etc. These can be customized according to the report to ensure accuracy and consistency. Of course, this can also be set to take place automatically. Attachments can be added to the document with setup via the Lasernet connector settings - without any coding.
Your designs, your way - easy document design

Your designs, your way - easy document design

One design tool for all documents across applications. Lasernet makes it easy to implement logos, images and more due to its simple to use graphical interface. When creating a document with Lasernet developer, you can see exactly what is being printed and therefore manage page breaks and formatting in a graphical interface.
Flexible distribution rules in different formats

Flexible distribution rules in different formats

Lasernet for CE delivers very flexible destination configuration with no coding. It is possible to use many different output channels to ensure that customers receive documents in the desired format such as XML, WORD, CSV and Excel.
Simplified print device management

Simplified print device management

Lasernet adds a print dialog which provides the option to print to screen, email or print to any printer anywhere, on-premise or via the cloud. Lasernet also offers direct print output to a defined printer, tray or location in “silent” mode.

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The CE Connector is relevant when your company experience the following issues:

Standard Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement has its limitations. If you experience one or more of the following issues, you should consider investing in Lasernet for Dynamics Customer Engagement.


Previews are shown in the same window and there is a need to close the topdocument to "see" the previous document. Also, preview document will not look like the final document.


There are limited options for defining the destination (printer, Email, pdf etc.), and no "flow" can be configured. Importantly, there are no standard or failover destinations.

Document design

It’s difficult to implement design changes, and in order to update a report a programmer is required. There is no functionality for viewing / inserting page breaks or managing of "orphan" lines. Documents appear to be on one page onscreen, but break over many when printed or pdf’d.


You experience limited options with the standard Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement email dialog, and it is not possible to include additional email attachments.

Why should you choose Lasernet CE Connector?

The Lasernet CE Connector offers a new level of distribution options that can even send emails to predefined destinations without having to choose templates. Advanced distribution rules can be created to ensure that the document is only received or printed by the person or department for which it is intended. With standardized branding across all documents, regardless of who creates it, the Lasernet CE Connector can create documents in any format (such as XML, Word, CSV and Excel) and print directly to any printer worldwide.

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