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Output Management | Software for Document Management

Are you facing an upgrade of your ERP system or do you just want to avoid coding reports directly in the ERP system? Then invest in Tabellae's standard software Lasernet Output Management, which saves the company a lot of resources.

Tabellae offers one of the market's most recognized Output Management solutions - an integrated standard software that replaces coding directly in the ERP system.

Lasernet is Scandinavia's most widely used standard software for output and is used by more than 2,500 companies worldwide.

With Tabellaes Output Management solution you achieve:

  • No coding directly in the ERP system
  • Time saving for document management
  • Streamlined workflows for document management
  • Easy creation, maintenance and distribution of business documents
  • A cost-effective solution

Document Management solution

Output Management solutions for all ERP systems

With three steps, Tabellae handles everything around the implementation, we handle the integration for all types of workflows and ERP systems and make sure you get ready to get started.

Lasernet integrates with any IT system, including CRM system, ERP system and SQL database. Tabellae offers several different document management solutions - regardless of which ERP system you use or which business needs you have:

ISV solution for outgoing documents

Why is output management important?

No labels - no shipments
Without invoices - no sales ...

As long as everything runs smoothly, almost no one thinks about business documents. But imagine if you can not print package labels. Then there will be no shipments to your customers, and the warehouse will stand completely still ...

Business documents are essential to keep a business running. Small operational disruptions such as printing problems or a report that stops working can have major financial consequences for a business - especially if a part of the business stands completely still for several days.

Why invest in an output management solution?

ERP systems are not built to prepare business documents tailored to the individual recipient. If you want to meet your customers' needs for e.g. content, format and distribution channel, you should invest in a professional output management solution.

With output management software you can, for example, optimize and customize business documents as well as automate shipments.

The benefits of investing in output management software are that it:

  • improves document workflows and omnichannel communication
  • reduces printing costs
  • save money and resources on digitizing your business documents and workflows - easily and simply.

Document Output Management

Document management software that replaces coding in the ERP system

With Lasernet Output Management, you get an ISV solution that works as a standard solution for handling reports. Lasernet Output Management is standard software for designing, formatting and distributing outgoing documents, reports and printouts such as invoices, quotations, picking slips and labels.

The solution replaces Reporting Services (SSRS) and provides a complete solution that can develop all business documents as well as provide distribution and archiving with log history on each record, so you can always find previous versions of reports.

Lasernet Output Management

Document Output Management without coding

ERP systems are designed primarily to process and display data on screens. The weakest link in ERP development is typically the creation of physical or electronic documents.

The business system’s integrated Output Management feature, which supports printing and document management, typically has major functional limitations and is complex, inflexible and time-consuming to manage. And, which is worse, when the system is later upgraded, the work is typically lost because coding is done directly in the ERP system.

Watch the video to the right about how easy it is to create documents in Lasernet vs. SSRS - or read more here.

What is output management?

Output Management is also known as document management or output handling, which is used to manage your company's business documents, e.g. invoices, orders, delivery notes and labels.

It is a technology that automates and centralizes the management of business documents, so you can efficiently organize, format and distribute data from several different sources, applications and systems in a cost-effective way.

Output Management software optimizes the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outgoing communications from systems such as ERP, CRM, insurance, banking, invoicing and other business systems.

output management software

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About Tabellae

Tabellae is an implementation house specializing in invoices, offers and other output from business systems. We reduce the cost of document exchange and the number of unknowns in the ERP project, making the overall ERP solution easier to maintain and cheaper to upgrade as well as ensuring that it goes live on time and on budget.

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