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The more documents, the better the business case. Whether you have 10,000 or 100,000 invoices per year, then the cost is the same. According to our customers, the functionality is also the best, as is our service and support.

More and more companies have become aware of the good business case by automating incoming business documents such as invoices and orders - this saves time and reduces the risk of errors due to manual handling and gives a better quality in less time.

The following 3 reasons makes Lasernet Input Management a must-have for companies with many incoming documents:

1) Free quantity - price is independent of transactions

2) Local support with good service

3) Fixed cost of implementation

A must-have when you have many incoming documents


Lasernet Input Management is for all incoming documents - not just invoices. More and more companies are using Lasernet Input Management to automatically handle incoming orders, supplier invoices and more in PDF, paper or electronic formats.

Lasernet Input Management can be used for all ERP systems and is able to:

  • Receive invoices from your suppliers in all formats (paper, PDF, XML and EDI)
  • Receive and automate incoming orders from your customers
  • Extract or lift off data from invoices/orders and integrate them with the company's workflow or ERP system.

Among other things, this offers the following benefits

  • Less manual handling of documents
  • Better quality - in less time.

Fixed price - regardless of the number of documents

The price is transparent and independent of the number of transactions. The software has no click charge. This means that the price is the same, whether you have 50 or 50,000 incoming invoices. Thus, the software is exceptionally attractive for companies with multiple accounts, subsidiaries and/or many incoming business documents, typically more than 5000 per year.

If you have the Lasernet Output module, you can also receive all types of electronic documents for free.

Saves manuel time and reduces risk

Lasernet Input Management software is a natural extension, if you already have Lasernet Output Management. The software can really help to boost the automation of the company's processes, like in the accountants, where manual time is saved and the risk of errors is significantly reduced.

Local support

Tabellae has local support in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia and we are known for our great service. Our consultants are 100% specialized in Output and Input Management and have Best Practice experience from hundreds of implementation projects.

How it works

With Lasernet, the entire ordering process is automated. In many companies, orders are received through many different channels (phone, email, fax, paper) and in many different formats (Excel, WEB, XML, raw text) for manual entry into your ERP system.

Lasernet can receive all data formats from all your customers' different ERP systems. Let Lasernet receive the orders and deliver them directly into an order draft in your company's ERP system.

By receiving customer invoices electronically, Lasernet can load them into your ERP system or invoice approval system - in all electronic data formats, with or without the use of OCR technology. This gives you a much more automated and less error-prone process for incoming invoices.

There are no transaction costs associated with the use of Lasernet Input Management, which makes the solution extra attractive to companies which already use Lasernet or which have a lot of incoming documents.

What is OCR software?

OCR software, also known as Optical Character Recognition, is an optical character recognition, i.e. a mechanical or technical converting of printed business documents with text to machine editable text. OCR software converts document scanning of scanning-invoices, text, and other files into digital editable formats e.g. PDF by using OCR technology to make it easier to manage the paperwork.

Lasernet Input Management is an OCR software, that can scan, format, and archive your business documents to PDF. With Lasernet Input Management solution you can also automate with OCR technology to autofill meta data fields.  This saved additional entries and time. By using OCR software, the company achieves a lighter, digital document management, that replaces the paper-based office.

Lasernet has included its own Lasernet OCR program, called OCR Editor, that can scan, format, and archive your incoming business documents to PDF. OCR scanner can moreover format e.g. an OCR invoice to specific countries. For example, when a document is loaded with Lasernet OCR software, the document is analyzed, and an automatic language detection is initiated. Number and date formats formatted for the specific country are recorded and help the user with converting the incoming format to a readable amount and date format for OCR Engine and workflow-systems.

See more

Lasernet is a standard software package that optimizes business communications between companies. In combination with Tabellae Best Practice Packages, Lasernet means success with business documents. 

See examples of customer-facing applications: Trans-Promo adds value to the invoice.

Also, read input management customer cases here - e.g. a Dynamics 365 case with Bagger-Sørensen.

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Do you want to hear more about a Lasernet Input Management solution from Tabellae, then contact our Account Manager Kristian Truesen at +45 3147 2159 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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