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EDI and Lasernet


Now you don’t need a standalone EDI solution for exchanging electronic documents – Tabellae can act as your EDI supplier

If you work with EDI, you certainly know the problem that not all customers and vendors must have the same format. With a rule-based setup, it is no longer necessary to create the same format 10 times, but just one.

For you who work with EDI and have many vendors, templates are now easier to create and maintain. Tabellae's latest version of Lasernet Output Management has been upgraded which has made the EDI feature better.

With a rule-based setup, sections can be turned on and off by using rules, depending on whether or not they should be used. This makes it cheaper for you as a customer in the end due to fewer consulting hours for adjustments.

Therefore, there is no need for an independent EDI solution. With Lasernet Output Management, you get a solution that can handle both outgoing documents AND EDI.

Electronic exchange of documents - EDI

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Why you must use Lasernet for EDI

The growing focus on electronic exchange of business documents e.g. EDI invoices, demands an EDI system, that supports the process. With the standard software Lasernet Output Management from Tabellae, that handles your outgoing business documents, we can also handle the exchange of EDI documents.

Today, a wide range of business documents are exchanged as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between companies. The process typically consists of a series of steps - and thus documents:
EDI med LaserNet

  1. The buyer sends an electronic order
  2. The seller confirms the order
  3. In addition, there may be order changes and notifications
  4. The item is delivered and the invoice is sent (possibly with shipping documents)

The above process is supported by Lasernet which handles two tasks in the process.

  1. Conversion to/from the appropriate EDI format
  2. Sending and automatic distribution of documents - directly via FTP or via a VANS 

The advantage of using Lasernet for the task is that there is thus just a single format to/from the ERP system, even if you work with many different trading partners.

With a Lasernet Output Management solution from Tabellae, you don’t need a standalone EDI system – Tabellae can act as your EDI supplier.


LaserNet og EDIThere are several ways to send and receive EDI documents. Thus, Lasernet is able to use:

  • FTP
  • VANS (e.g. Sproom, KMD, IBM, OB10, Itella, Basware or Evenex)
  • SMTP (e-mail)

Often, the trading partner's preferences are the ones met. Unless otherwise agreed, it is cheaper to send documents directly via Internet/Lasernet.


A variety of formats is used (and referred to as EDI), including

  • OIO
  • UBL
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Svefakt
  • EHF
  • E2B
  • Finvoice
  • SWIFT and SEPA, see also this link for more info.
  • Sub-standards like DAVID, BYG-e and HAMKOM protocols.

Lasernet supports them all.


Tabellae A/S has delivered EDI solutions for i.e. Plast Team, Danske Spil, Le Creuset, Catering Engros (Dagrofa), Room Copenhagen, SFK Food, Sika Footwear, Dyrup, Kim Johansen Transport, Biblioteksmedier A/S, Scriptor, DKI Group and others.

See how Danske Spil uses EDI for its partners (chains):

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