• Lasernet Long-Term Archive

    Lasernet Long-Term Archive

Lasernet Long-Term Archive (LTA)

Tabellae is now offering Long-Term Archive, an archiving system for digital preservation for Lasernet that ensures storage independence.

Long-term digital preservation is a critical element of good corporate governance. Being able to retrieve human-readable documents and data for internal business reasons, clients, employees or external regulators is a key requirement, and being able to do this efficiently can deliver financial benefits.

Benefits of Long-Term Archive as storage solution:

  • Save money: Reduce the cost of maintaining legacy systems by migration to a preservation platform.
  • Control access: A flexible permission matrix that matches your organizational need.
  • Easily accessible: Access archived records from within your existing systems.
  • Long-term preservation: Follow ISO and OAIS methodology built in to the product to ensure human-readable content in 50 years time.

Long-Term Archive: digital storage for business documents

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Preservation and ensuring storage independence

Long-Term Archive is a digital preservation to storage documents for a long time (50 years time) and ensuring storage independence. Long-Term Archive acts as a gateway to your stored objects. You, as the client, have the ultimate decision on the location of the objects and data with the ability to embrace low cost cloud storage and have on site storage for other objects. The key is that you are not reliant on Long-Term Archive or Tabellae to access your documents, data or objects – you access them anywhere by yourself. You can access business documents in Long-Term Archive that draw on multiple systems (which you don’t need access to), and thereby save license cost.

System Retirement

A “huge” amount of money and resource is wasted by organizations on the maintenance of legacy systems that are no longer used on a day-to-day basis. Companies are fearful of removing these systems as they need the assurance of access to the content stored within them. Accessing legacy data is not a reason to maintain an electronic system but can be a reason to feel obligated or bound to that system.

A proven approach to system retirement allows the content to be migrated to a dedicated preservation platform,  achieving long-term (50 years+) preservation and the ability to significantly reduce costs by retiring multiple legacy systems onto the same platform. With system retirement, you can achieve the following:

Save money

Save money

Long-Term Archive is proven to save money as soon as the project goes live. Multiple legacy systems can be retired saving on the hosting, maintenance and staffing cost associated with it. Long-Term Archive becomes the common platform for preservation.
Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

Compliance is achieved by being able to search accurately and comprehensively on the phrases or metadata required by the business. Long-Term Archive also ensures that data and objects are not degraded, lost or incorrectly accessed.
Easily accessible

Easily accessible

Whilst ensuring safe, correct and recorded access, Long-Term Archive also delivers speed of search. Our approach to ingestion ensures that the preservation platform is delivered with the ability to effectively search and retrieve for your business. Features such as retaining previously saved and shared searches enables efficient and speedy retrieval.

Removing the ingestion barriers

Many preservation projects fail at the data migration stage and pre-ingestion challenges are common, but we have proven procedures that enable a smooth migration and a successful ingestion into the preservation platform. Our visual workflow tool delivers an easy to understand migration plan with each step able to have rule-based gateways for data validation, metadata enrichment and OAIS file conversions. Our ability to accept almost any file format results in a successful ingestion from common or old and rare source systems. If you bring us the data, we will provide the ingestion. With the removing of the ingestion barriers, you can achieve the following:

Data container

Data container

Long-Term Archive is a fully functioning digital preservation platform but can also be used as a repository to aid a larger migration. The platform can provide a location to store data that the organisation needs to move but is unsure where to. For the short-term or the long-term, it provides a secure and low cost GDPR-compliant solution.
Connect to core systems

Connect to core systems

The migration tool offers the ability to connect to your core systems as a form of input. We can then run the content and objects through the workflow and ingest into Long-Term Archive. This results in an active preservation solution that ensures your core systems are not burdened by historic data.
Minimum effort ingestion

Minimum effort ingestion

We are great believers in MEI (Minimum Effort Ingestion) and by starting at the end point when designing the structure, permissions and metadata, we ensure that your project is focussed on achieving a live system rather than dealing with historic issues. MEI underpins commercial viability of preservation projects.

Bringing preservation closer to your systems

Connecting to core systems is only the first step of bringing digital preservation best practice closer to your core, day-to-day systems. Our ERP connectors allows a user to both archive and retrieve from the organisation's chosen ERP. Through our connectors, we introduce digital preservation without the user having to leave the interface they use all day, every day.

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