• Tabellae knows the food industry

    Tabellae knows the food industry

    The industry is price sensitive and therefore concerned with optimization and cost reduction. At the same time, flexibility, service and quality must be excellent. This is especially true of the ability to adapt to production of chains' own brands. A production company is expected to be able to make the same product but with different labels and packaging, which must also be sent along with standard documents such as packing lists, barcodes, pallet labels, production licenses, environmental accounts, quality certificates, etc. With documents, it is important to have an effective solution to easily and quickly adapt content, design and format to each receiving country’s and company's individual requirements.

Selected references

Tabellae has helped several companies in the food industry reduce the cost of document exchange, including

  • Coop
  • Palsgaard
  • Sfk

Best Practice Package for the food industry

Many companies code themselves breathless - wasting hundreds of thousands coding documents directly in the ERP system. 
Completely unnecessary, as a Best of Breed solution is available. Tabellae Best Practice consists of the following: 

Operational support and task management across multiple time zonesOperational support and task management across multiple time zones

Operational support and task management across multiple time zones

Our customers rate Tabellae Support 2.94 out of a possible 3.

SLA options
  • Response within 4 hours
  • Response within 4 hours
  • Response within 4 hours
Choose between
  • 1 time zone
    (Denmark CET)
  • 2 time zones
    (US East Coast UTC-6)
  • Annual Health Check with report
  • Backup of Lasernet license
  • Webinars
Output Management toolboxOutput Management toolbox

Output Management toolbox

Standard Software
Lasernet Output Management has a close integration with most ERP systems.

Time-saving setup
Configurations are already predefined, saving you valuable time.
Ensures that all business logic remains within the ERP system and the Output adjustments follow the ERP system’s life cycle. Also provides genuine Preview, Archive and the opportunity to set up distribution rules and flows.
Implementation of Best PracticeImplementation of Best Practice

Implementation of Best Practice

Do it right - the first time. Tabellae bases all implementation on extensive experience from more than 500 local and global ERP rollouts, including knowledge of international formats, requirements and opportunities.
  • Experience from 500+ previous implementations
  • Project model adapted to document development and QA
  • Professional project management throughout the project
  • Risk management
  • Effective Issue and Change Management control
  • Guidance in connection with the test procedure
  • Go-Live assistance
Courses and specific knowledgeCourses and specific knowledge

Courses and specific knowledge

  • Training of super users
  • Training of your internal support
  • Free access to webinars (with SLA)
  • Free membership of Tabellae Lasernet User Group
The 14 most common documents ready for useThe 14 most common documents ready for use

The 14 most common documents ready for use

  • Sales invoice
  • Credit note
  • Delivery note
  • Free text invoice
  • Free text credit note
  • Account statement
  • Reminder
  • Purchase order
  • Offer
  • Order confirmation
  • Picking list
  • Project invoice
  • Project credit note
  • Interest note
Choose between 3 different configurations and designs.

Inspiration catalog:
  • HTML emails
  • E-invoice
  • Barcode labels
  • QR codes
  • Product images
  • People images
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Advertising fields etc.

Best Practice = shortcut

Risks are minimized in the ERP project

Risks are minimized in the ERP project

The document part in ERP projects is extensive, risky and often overlooked. Tabellae reduces the number of unknowns considerably.
Cheaper ERP implementation

Cheaper ERP implementation

Typically, between DKK 120,000 and 900,000 is saved, compared to coding documents directly in the ERP system (e.g. SSRS).
Well thought-out solution

Well thought-out solution

You avoid pitfalls because our consultants know all the risks and opportunities and know exactly what questions to ask.
Good business case

Good business case

The break-even point is most often reached in less than 6 months due to savings in time and money and minimization of errors.
Focus on the ERP solution

Focus on the ERP solution

Leave the documents to us and avoid burdening your employees. Then we handle the technical and cumbersome tasks re. the documents.

Add company info

Add company info

0 hours (included in Tabellae Best Practice) vs. 8-16 hours
Corrections after testing

Corrections after testing

10 hours vs. 200 hours
Configure automatic attachment

Configure automatic attachment

1-8 hours vs. 100 hours
Encoding 1 label

Encoding 1 label

+3 days vs. much less than 1 day
Changes in design on 1 invoice (1st page different from other pages)

Changes in design on 1 invoice (1st page different from other pages)

1 hour vs. 20 hours

Hear what results you can achieve

Calculate Your Return on Investment

Calculate Your Return on Investment

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About Tabellae

Tabellae is an implementation house specializing in invoices, offers and other output from business systems. We reduce the cost of document exchange and the number of unknowns in the ERP project, making the overall ERP solution easier to maintain and cheaper to upgrade as well as ensuring that it goes live on time and on budget.

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