• Endless possibilities with Lasernet

    Endless possibilities with Lasernet

    Most people are surprised by the fields of application for the standard software Lasernet. Below is a small selection.
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Digital signature on business documents

Digital signature is increasingly used in stores and other business contexts, where a customer or vender needs to sign a contract or a purchade order. This proces is easily done with the standard software Lasernet.

With Lasernet, you can review and sign a document before sending it to your customers - or it can be done directly in the store, if you use Dynamics 365 FO. You can use digital signature for:

  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Packing slips
  • Purchase orders
  • Other busines documents

Digital signature in stores

In some scenarios, like stores, a customer comes into a store and collecting goods and get an invoice delivered to the company or email address. Here, it could be really nice, if you could see who signs for the delivery note, packing slip or whatever document is needed to be signed.

With Lasernet and digital signature, the customer can sign the document right there in the store. The document is then emailed to the company or the customer, including the signature and the customer doesn’t need to worry about getting the document back home or to the company.

This functionality could be useful in occasion where you need a customer or vendor to sign a contract or a purchase order.

Review the document and sign it digital before sending

View, review and sign documents before sending in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with the standard software Lasernet. This ensures that documents such as purchase orders and invoices are generated, authorised, and distributed in the office or store.

With the review function, you can view and change email addresses, mail body and subject before you send your document. Within the same function, you also have an option to write and add a signature to the document before sending it off.

Digital signature on invoice with Lasernet


Do need a smart solution to increase functionality, when it comes to the signing of documents?

The video above will guide you through the setup process which will enable you to review reports, sign documents and add your required destination. E.g. watch how simple it is to sign purchase orders before sending and sign packing slips using a tablet.

Digital signature on electronic invoices

Lasernet has an additional module (Lasernet PDF Security Module), which can be used to:

  • Encrypt
  • Decrypt
  • Verify
  • Sign

both incoming and outgoing documents and documents for electronic archiving. This module requires the Conversion Module (PDF module) and Lasernet version 6.5.9 or later.

* Note that some countries, including Germany, have special requirements that are more restrictive in practice than the general Danish and European requirements.

Digital signature on electronic invoicing for foreign customers

If you use electronic invoicing in connection with sales to customers abroad, the authenticity of the origin as well as the integrity of the content of the electronic invoice must, as a rule, be ensured using either

  • a digital signature or
  • electronic data interchange (XML or EDI).

Using either of these two methods means that electronic invoicing may be used anywhere within the EU and outside the EU, including for cross-border trade between companies in various EU countries.
Companies that use electronic invoicing must keep descriptions of the systems, including hardware and software and the procedures used. Furthermore, the company must store contracts and certificates as part of the description.
If a digital signature is used, it must have a security level corresponding to at least e.g. a Danish OCES certificate (Public Certificates for Electronic Services). That is, other corresponding digital signatures are just as applicable.

Digital signature on invoice

The digital signature system provides security that is vital for credibility:

  • Authenticity — the recipient of the invoice has assurance that the invoice came from the person who sent it
  • Integrity — assurance that the invoice has not been altered along the way

If electronic data interchange (EDI) is used, this requires a specific agreement between the buyer and seller, defining secure procedures for the electronic exchange of invoices using EDI. This use requires the parties to use and comply with the specific methods and rules that are necessary to ensure data security, authenticity of origin and integrity of contents.
If methods other than digital signature and EDI are used, there must be an agreement and working procedure between the seller and buyer that ensures authenticity and integrity are maintained. For example, banks offer online banking based on agreements between the parties, password systems and possible encryption of data among other things.

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