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Job opportunity: IT implementation and operation consultant in Denmark

Job at Tabellae

Job title: IT implementation and operation consultant

Job description: Development, support and maintenance of business documents in output management solutions, based on the standard software Lasernet by Formpipe, towards various ERP platforms.

Organizational location: Customer Service & Support Department, Brøndby or Vejle in Denmark

Report to: Customer Service Manager

Start: ASAP

Do you want to help our existing customers develop and maintain their business documents for a smooth ERP operation? If you value a diverse professional everyday life in an exciting organization with a high pace, humor and strong culture, perhaps this is a job for you.

Tabellae is a fast-growing ERP Document Management company looking for a service minded consultant to assist, support and advice existing customers in operation. 

We are growing rapidly and looking to add more talented team members to our Danish offices, Brøndby and/or Vejle.

The Job 

The purpose of the role as consultant is to advice, support and service development for our existing customer base.

The consultant will join the customer service & support team, who assist existing customers with SLA support, incidents, changes, new development, upgrades and valuable advice for ensuring a reliable Lasernet solution for the future.

The consultant configures Lasernet, based on the provided data, so documents and forms are in the specified layout and contain the specified information in the desired format. The consultant participates in estimating, testing and documentation of the assignment.

As a consultant at Tabellae, you and your teammates of skilled professionals will be on the front line facing our customers. You will be involved in and partly responsible for implementing and nursing output management solutions based on the standard software Lasernet by Formpipe. Your day will be filled with tasks that include: 

  • Receiving cases from our dispatcher and communicate with the customers as well as providing valuable consultancy work for them. 
  • Estimation of tasks based on established criteria from the dispatcher. 
  • Ensure that the data provided is sufficient to solve the specified task. 
  • Designing or re-designing documents and forms in Lasernet based on the given criteria and specifications. 
  • Support customers that encounter incidents in their Lasernet setup and troubleshoot for root cause. 
  • Complete unit tests on documents and forms based on the given criteria and specifications. 
  • Document all work based on the given criteria and specifications. 
  • Daily update of time tracking on cases and work orders. 
  • Etc.

About You 

The background and technical skill set needed to succeed as a consultant at Tabellae can vary from person to person, but we have put together a set of minimum skills / experiences that we hope to see in all candidates:


  • Ability to de-escalate and focus on providing solutions. 
  • Ability to speak to professionals of different levels/backgrounds. 
  • Ability to listen, communicate, show empathy and understanding while gaining buy-in for action plans. 
  • Mastery of written customer-facing communication. 

Systems Implementation Experience 

  • 3-5 years of successful systems implementations of CRM, ERP, or niche market software solutions. 
  • Familiar with implementation workflow of requirements gathering, configuration, documentation, testing, training, hyper care (Go Live), etc. 
  • Basic familiarity with database administration/management concepts – familiar with table relations, keys, etc.  
  • Some experience/literacy in code. Example: basic HTML, modifying source code of software solutions, basic mathematical expressions.  
  • Comfortable with pair programming, working side by side and on a team to produce a deliverable. 
  • Experience working on teams with multiple stakeholders: partners, clients, client-partners, Project Management consultants.  


  • Customer-facing attitude and excellent communication skills. 
  • 100% commitment to customer satisfaction and knows the importance of customer perception. 
  • Acceptance of the need for “all hands on deck” situations. 

Quality focused 

  • “Trust nothing” and understand the importance of test, test, and test again. 
  • Mindful of impacts to performance and always looking to take an approach that future-proofs solutions. 
  • Extremely cautious - backup, backup, backup! 
  • High attention to detail – clients will “take a ruler to it”.  
  • Has an eye for what can go wrong and proactively works to address potential red flags.  

Global Outlook/Awareness 

  • Any combination of: experience abroad, experience working for a global organization, experience on multi-cultural teams. You are “globally literate”. 
  • Demonstrates an awareness of cultural sensitivities and has an ability to communicate effectively on global teams.  

Training and Presentation 

  • Experience providing client-facing training sessions, webinars, conference presentations. 


  • Bachelor’s degree or Master in Business Administration, Information Systems, International Business, Computer Sciences, etc.

Life at Tabellae 

We offer a challenging and exciting position in a company where customer focus, professionalism, employee satisfaction, and entrepreneurship are key values and where decisions are made quickly based on the given situation and facts at hand.

Your colleagues will be locally based at our office in Denmark and in our other offices in America, Sweden, Norway, and Portugal.

Check us out here.

About Tabellae 

Tabellae is an ambitious Document Input and Output Management consultancy making ERP documents, such as quotations and invoices, faster to design and maintain. We specialize in implementing Lasernet software solutions for Dynamics, NAV and SAP as well as supporting and servicing existing customers in operation – ultimately reducing risk, time and costs for our customers.

Tabellae is the largest and fastest growing supplier of output management solutions in the world with experience in more than 500 implementation projects. We supply our customers with solutions that provide high-quality external documents complying with requirements from their customers, suppliers, and governmental authorities.

Tabellae was founded in Denmark in 2010. We have since expanded to Sweden, Norway, Portugal, and the USA. The current employee count is 52 and growing! 

How to apply for a job at Tabellae

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Do you want to join the Tabellae family?
   Please send your application and CV to
   Julie Vieth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
   and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

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About Tabellae

Tabellae is an implementation house specializing in invoices, offers and other output from business systems. We reduce the cost of document exchange and the number of unknowns in the ERP project, making the overall ERP solution easier to maintain and cheaper to upgrade as well as ensuring that it goes live on time and on budget.

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