• 3 solutions - When to use what?

    3 solutions - When to use what?

Microsoft Configurable Business Documents vs. SSRS and Lasernet

Which Document Management solution is the right one for your ERP-project? We hope you will find the answer in this “Comparison Guide”.

In this whitepaper, we compare the functionalities and traits of the most common tools for Document Management on the market; Microsoft's add-on product Configurable Business Documents, Microsofts built-in tool SSRS and the standard software Lasernet Output Management.

The “Comparison Guide” whitepaper focuses on primarily on design, development, and the implementation of external ERP business documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The whitepaper is in English and applies to Solution Architects, Consultants, Project Managers and other interested parties, who're interested in Document Management solutions for Dynamics 365. Fill out the form below to receive the guide. Enjoy!

Comparison guide: Configurable Business Documents vs. alternatives

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Get a direct comparison of Lasernet, coding directly in ERP (SSRS) and Microsoft Configurable Business Documents.

Three solutions for Document Management

Tabellae has dug into the functionalities and assessed the differences and fields of application, in relation to make simple and more advanced business reports with different tools for business Document Management in D365:

Configurable Business Documents D365 (CBD)

Microsoft has launched Configurable Business Documents for D365, which is a new document template tool for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in connection with the October edition of D365 FO 2019 (Fall Release). The solution from Microsoft consists of several pre-defined templates, which can be adjusted in Office tools like Word or Excel.


The built-in tool, (SSRS - SQL Structured Query Language) Server Reporting Services, is a server-based report generator from Microsoft. Administered as a Web interface, it is used to prepare and deliver both simple and advanced reports. SSRS is a built-in tool for free business documents.

Lasernet Output Management

A professional all-around Output Management software tool already implemented and used by more than 2500 companies worldwide due to it's ease of use. Lasernet offers flexibility in creating and designing business documents, easy use in formatting and distributing business documents and has user friendly interface.


Why is Document Management important?

The need for Business Document Management is increasing in the digital world. Documents are critical to one's business, and if they are not in order from the start, time and budget on the Output part will easily run wild.

Therefore, we have gathered a number of Document Management solutions, which are compatible with Dynamics 365 business Document Management, in this whitepaper.
You can read about the different solutions for Document Management in Dynamics 365, how they differentiate and what the benefits of the solutions are.

We hope our whitepaper about Business Document Management in D365 falls into good soil. Happy reading!

What are the challenges with Document Management?

Documents are often considered at the end of the ERP project and the scope is underestimated. It's a shame due to the fact that documents are complex and have many unknowns. The typical challenges with business documents are:

  • Creating and maintaining reports requires a lot of time
  • Increasing demands on layouts and formats can be difficult to meet
  • More advanced distribution options may be limited

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You're also welcome to call our Account Manager, Kristian Truesen, at +45 3147 2159 for a talk about, which Document Management solution that fits for your ERP system, D365 for Finance and Operations.

More information

More information about business documents from Dynamics 365 can be found, for example in our case stories.

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