• Endless possibilities

    Endless possibilities

    Many are surprised by the fields of application for Lasernet

Electronic invoicing

When using e-invoices, you get an invoice handling workflow that is both faster, cheaper and more precise.

You avoid time-consuming and expensive processes for scanning, interpretation and verification of invoices. Instead, your invoices are submitted directly to your workflow system. Once the e-invoice has been approved and registered - the invoice data is sent directly to your financial department or your ERP system.

Electronic invoicing for the public and private sector

Electronic invoices are used both in the public and private sector. OIOUBL is the state format for electronic invoicing in most countries, where EHF is the state format in Norway, Svefaktura in Sweden and Finvoice in Finland. Government agencies, municipalities and an increasing number of private companies require invoices in these specific invoice formats. Tabellae delivers electronic invoice management solutions, so your business can deliver electronic invoices to the public and to the individual municipalities in the country.

What is an electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is an invoice that is issued, received and handled electronically. It is NOT an electronic paper such as a PDF. E-invoices are always sent in an officially recognized format dependent on country. In Denmark OIOUBL is a frequently used format, in Sweden Svefaktura, in Finland Finvoice and for Norway EHF is the preferred format. E-invoicing is an e-commerce technology that simplifies electronic billing to make it as easy as sending an email.

Electronic invoice

The advantages of electronic invoicing are many

Save money directly on the bottom line

With electronic invoicing you can send a larger portion of your business documents automatically and electronically. Save money on paper, toner, printing and, not least, employee time.

Adapts to customer requirements

Don’t you have the correct e-invoice format the customer wants? Lasernet can deliver your invoices in the exact format and layout your customers want.

Save consultant costs for developing and customizing reports in the ERP system

Lasernet makes designing and maintaining your reports easy and simple, fx an electronic invoice. 

Save money in connection with the ERP upgrade

Upgrade reports in hours, rather than days per report. 

Free up resources in the IT department

With Lasernet, making design changes or creating new electronic invoices is easy. With absolutely no "programming", the company can maintain formats and contents directly from e.g. MS Word.

Find your documents

Use Lasernet to archive your documents. This saves employee time and you avoid having to look for physical documents.

Save money on hardware

The use of Lasernet means that you need fewer printers and that you achieve a lower consumption of toner and paper. 

Professional image

You make all documents and reports support the company layout. You reduce the need for preprinted forms, reduce the error rate and enhance quality.

Prepare for tomorrow’s demands for documents

Lasernet is a future-proof solution as regards future requirements for formats and ways to distribute and archive business documents such as electronic invoices. Regulatory compliance can be ensured with Lasernet which supports EuroSox, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II regulations and local accounting laws.


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