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Release notes for Lasernet version 9


Lasernet 9.13 has been released

Release date: 11-10-2021

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Swiss QR Code Support


  • Added a new property in the Statistics tab to activate (default) / de-activate statistics DB for OCR Engine.
  • To support backup of VM in Azure, the parameter AUTO_CLOSE is now set to OFF for the embedded Microsoft SQL LocalDB databases.
  • Added support for supplying Encrypted PrivateKey password for SFTP.

Microsoft Windows 11

Standard features in Lasernet 10.1 have been tested on Microsoft Windows 11 Version 10.0.22000. All tests have successfully passed the validation.

Release note for Lasernet version 9

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Earlier releases

Lasernet 9.12 has been released

See the release note below for all the new features, bug fixes and enhancements in Lasernet 9.12.

Release date: 18-06-2021


Lasernet Server

  • Added support for SQL Server Express LocalDB as a backend for all services in Lasernet.
  • Additional changes to SQL Server settings are now blocked when migration is in progress.
  • Fixed a memory leak in service when deploying.

Lasernet Developer

  • Optimizing position of objects in Job -> Diagram mode.
  • When the JobEngine was started for the second time for the same module the app would freeze.
  • Fixed a lock error when renaming an object to the same name with a different case.

Lasernet Form Editor/Engine

  • Fixed an issue where the check digit property was visible in rare scenarios.
  • Support for dynamics links for mail addresses in Rich Text and Spreadsheets.
  • XML and JSON formats with UTF-8 BOM could not be loaded as a grab file.
  • Local and Remote images are converted to embedded for XHTML output.
  • The Developer application crashes when editing a fixed text opens any page type in the output.
  • Fixed crash when editing newly set Rearrange / JobInfo.
  • Not saved yet changes are not present in duplicate of rich text (DOCX\PDF) or xlsx output sheet.
  • Text Input - Conditional Area changes from * to value when clicking on the end line.
  • Fixed a potential crash when the combiner saved temporary files to disk.

Lasernet Client

  • The new form type will have the default Identifiers added in editable.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 9.12 where an "Unable to reach Lasernet" error message would occur when removing scheduled jobs.
  • Fixed problem with OCR Fields set as number and date.
  • Releasing Jobs from Client gives an error and corrupts the database.

Lasernet OCR

  • Dependencies (Boolean OCR) were missing for Body Fields.
  • Fixed that AutoCapture should not always load form as a local file, but download it from the server instead.
  • An AutoCapture feature improved to detect invoices vs. credit notes or other format types added to OCR Engine and OCR Dictionary.

Azure Storage

  • Using the new SAS URI for Azure Storage the module is not on the list of connections.
  • Fix for issues with SAS tokens.

Barcode Reader

  • A new modifier added to the Input Management package to read and extract barcode names and values from jobs.

Database and SharePoint Connections

  • Values for credentials will be trimmed when accepted.

File Retriever

  • Fixed an issue where SFTP goes into an endless loop.

JSON to XML Modifier

  • Added support for arrays in JSON format.

Outlook Mail

  • Support for an email with attachments up to 150 MB.
  • Fixed that "Request Read Receipt" did not work properly.

PDF Engine

  • JobInfo DataFormat is automatically set to the value PDF by module.

PDF Extract

  • Support for extraction of paper formats included in a PDF document, which is set as JobInfos.

PDF to Text

  • Improved memory handling for property "Extract metadata".

PDF Splitter

  • Added support for dynamic barcode values as splitter value for scanned PDF documents.

Printer Output

  • Added support for setting the print job priority in Windows printer queues.
  • Fixed an issue where Printer Failure Profile selection could not be set back to the value 'None', after a Printer Failure Profile was selected in the module.

Tesseract OCR

  • Force Producers settings added to Tesseract module to force PDF document being rendered by Tesseract.
  • The password assigned to a PDF document detected and will fall back to render.


  • A New Command-line utility is available to convert migrate OCR Dictionary from SQL Compact to SQL LocalDB.

Lasernet 9.11.1 has been released

See the release note below for all the new features, bug fixes and enhancements in Lasernet 9.11.1.

Release date: 16-04-2021 

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Creating a Pattern and connecting it to an output Region could cause a crash. This is now fixed.
  • The Sharepoint 365 Graph & Azure Storage SAS connections were not selectable from the Connection tab in the 'Form Options' dialog.
  • Fixed a crash in XML output mode when right-clicking on the XML node to add a new XML template.
  • Fixed an issue where JobInfos for PaperHeight and PaperWidth were reversed in landscape mode. 

Lasernet Developer

  • Removed automatic change from 8080 to 443, in Server -> Client settings, if 'Secure' is enabled.
  • Exporting objects from the Diagram view, by multi-select with the mouse, could cause modules with multiple destinations where listed multiple times in the export file.
  • Fixed a crash in Diagram -> JobMode that sometimes could occur when compacting the diagram view.
  • When duplicating a form the grab folder was still created even if you canceled the operation.
  • Fixed an issue where the grab folder, belonging to a form, was renamed when the form was renamed.
  • Renaming a form, would rename the folder in the resources view, but all files did not show up until restart of the application.

Lasernet Client

  • Fix for validation changing to required for non-validated fields. 

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Unhandled exception for OCR Editor -> Forms List -> Move to index.
  • Fixed a crash when having multiple Check Outs in Dictionary.
  • Fixed an issue reporting to log that too many sessions for the Dictionary database were open. 

Meta Input

  • Fixed an issue where Meta Input sometimes throws an error in the log during a service start that HTTP could not register the specified port number. 

Mail Input

  • IMAP folder names did not support Danish characters such as “æøå”. 

JSON to XML + Form Engine

  • JSON files with UTF-8 BOM were not supported.

HTTP Output

  • Fixed an issue where URL parameters with true UTF-8 encoding were not supported.
  • Fixed an issue where the filter for the list of certificates in the CertStore only included certificates suited for servers (like Web Server TLS certificates).

Printer Output

  • Added support for setting priority level parameters in a job printed to the Windows printer queue.


  • Improved extracting text from more complex PDFs.

FTP Input

  • Fixed an issue where the sFTP protocol also tries to download a folder and not only files.

Lasernet 9.11 has been released

The latest Lasernet release contains key features for the ability to work smarter with OCR such as:

  • Lasernet OCR Engine - for capturing OCR fields
  • Tessaract module for OCR

See the release note below for all the new features, bug fixes and enhancements in Lasernet 9.11.

Release date: 05-02-2021

Lasernet Config Server

  • Fixed that the description for an existing username or group, added to the Configuration Server, could not be changed

Lasernet Portal Server

  • Ignore failing key availability check when selecting certificates that uses another key algorithm than RSA or DSA key

Lasernet Form Engine

  • Fixed an unintended detection of a non-existing phrase during template import of a MS Word document by throwing the error "getSheetPhraseUse called with NULL GUID"

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed a crash caused by a stack overflow when running large CSV jobs (100+ MB) through a CSV input form
  • Fixed an issue where specific PNG/JPG image were not present in Word output format
  • Fixed a backspace key usage issue, causing a crash, in in-place edit mode for Fixed Text objects
  • New feature for managing of grid lines, horizontally, vertically or hidden are added to the chart settings

Lasernet Developer

  • An option to exclude grab files is added to a new pop-up dialog during export and import of a full configuration
  • Fixed an issue where the input form format, in the list of forms, after migration from an older version, figured as N/A instead of the original input format type
  • Fixed that incorrect form type figured in list of form in specific cases for PDF Filler Forms
  • Changed Log Directory on server settings to be empty with a placeholder when using default log location

Lasernet Client, Meta and OCR Editor

  • Added support for preview of PNG and JPEG formats
  • Added 'Reset Layout' button to Misc. options in Lasernet Client and Lasernet OCR to reset layout and position for docker windows
  • OCR Fields now has their own default band in the column header named OCR

Lasernet OCR Engine

  • Auto capture is a new feature to automatically capture OCR fields by using the OCR Dictionary and built-in AI

Azure Storage

  • Fixed a critical issue that stops the Azure Storage module to save and read jobs on the last day of a leap year (December 31st 2020). End-users running Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the Lasernet Connector or an Azure Storage account must update the Lasernet Server to Lasernet 9.11 or higher before December 31st 2024.

Database Connection

  • Fixed an issue with testing connection for Azure SQL Server

DM Upload                                                                                              

  • DM Upload module for Autoform DM, are added to the Formpipe Lasernet installer and will replace the existing DM Archive module, which no longer will be supported from next major version (Lasernet 10)

Google Cloud Printer

  • The Google Cloud Printer service is no longer supported by Google, from end of 2020, and the module is therefore no longer available in Lasernet

Outlook Mail

  • Added a possible work-around when Graph API incorrectly returns -1 as number of attachments in the email header request
  • Fixed that the new access token was not used, after adding a new module, when browsing for folders in UI

PDF Engine

  • Added support for Thai characters

Tesseract OCR

  • New module released in the Input Management Package for optical character recognition


  • Fixed an issue in Web Server -> Web Service byte array results from array results


  • Added support for adding custom buttons to modules developed via SDK



Lasernet 9.10.2 and 9.10.1 has been released

Release notes Lasernet 9.10.2

Release date: 25-11-2020

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed a missing combobox to select JobInfo for "Attachment JobInfo" option in the Sheet Option -> XHTML settings for XHTML output format
  • Fixed that JobInfo Criteria for output destinations didn't work for JSON input format
  • Fixed that the Form Engine couldn't process XML input jobs that included comment tags in XML structure like <!--This is a valid comment. -->

OCR Engine

  • Added database support for multiple OCR Engines running on the same server for saving of statistics for processed OCR Forms introduced in 9.10.0

Release notes Lasernet 9.10.1

Release date: 11-11-2020

Lasernet Developer

  • Fixed a ZIP file entry error preventing exported modules and configurations to be imported in older versions

Google Drive

  • Upgraded internal web browser used for authenticate Lasernet to Google Drive


  • Upgraded internal web browser used for authenticate Lasernet to Dropbox


Lasernet Input release October 2020

The entire infrastructure in Lasernet Input has been improved. For you as a customer, the new features has massive value if you have a maintenance agreement. You get more value for money and a better solution, due to a new easier setup.

This fall you can look forward to new features like:

  • Statistic
  • OCR processing
  • Auto Form



With the new statistic tool, you can prioritize your work even better. Imagine you have 1000 suppliers and 1000 invoices arrive into your system every day, and it only lifts 80% of the invoice data.

The new tool gives you these statistics on number of hits and covering percentage – i.e. how well it does it, and what you should focus on. This overview of the data retrieval will make you able to prioritize your work in how to optimize the data lifts of your invoices.
OCR Processing

OCR Processing

A built-in OCR module can be used for the OCR process. It can set the quality of scanning and a skewed scanning can be equalized.

This module makes us able to lift data better than we could before, because the module can lift of any data from a PDF, whether it’s a picture or text – or both – in a single process.

The module will take advantage of all cores in the server and process multiple incoming documents at the same time.
Auto form

Auto form

Work smarter and faster with auto form. This feature makes it faster and easier to setup invoices.

With auto form you can avoid mapping anything because this feature will process most fields automatically due to AI technology.

Learn more in our 'how-to' videoes

You can also look forward to videoes about these features, when the new release has been launched. Here we'll show you the previous setup, and guide you through how easy it is to work with input management now in the new setup.

Lasernet 9.9 has been released

New modules and general changes for Lasernet 9.9 

The Lasernet version 9.9 contains modules for higher security and the ability to work smarter and faster. With the new release of Lasernet 9.9, you'll get higher security and speed of work processes. Get new features such as:

  • PDF-files 10 times smaller and in better graphical quality
  • Handle incoming data, delivered in JSON, as XML
  • Higher security with OneDrive and Sharepoint
  • Faster work processes with Azure Service Bus / Process multiple incoming jobs from the same batch at once

Support for SVG as vector-based graphics

Support for SVG as vector-based graphics

Lasernet supports SVG as vector-based graphics. This means that you as a customer will be able to make more professional documents graphically, without affecting the size of the PDF-file.

This function is especially useful for customers, who creates product catalogs, where there are many pictures, but the files must not fill much. If you need to produce an image catalogue or instruction manuals like IKEA, this function improve the quality of your images, even when zooming in, and reduce the size of the PDF-file up to 10-15 time (7-10 MB instead of 100 MB).

SVG is perfect for pictures like company logos, icons, text and product/image catalogues. As a result of this feature, a vector-based graphic in PDF-files fill less, will be easier to setup and provides better image quality.
Convert JSON to XML

Convert JSON to XML

JSON to XML is a new module to convert from JSON to XML format. More and more application services are shifting from XML to JSON these days. Therefore, we have a new module to convert JSON to XML format, so you can handle incoming data, delivered in JSON, processed as XML, as you work with.

Lasernet has many functions that can work with XML, but not that many, who can work with JSON. The new module can use the XML transformer for JSON to beautify the data in XML format before sending the data to other Lasernet modules that makes use of all the built-in XML functionalities, like splitting and merging tools.
Higher security with OneDrive and Sharepoint

Higher security with OneDrive and Sharepoint

Lasernet 9.9. has integrated the Microsoft Graph API in several modules to read, download, save, delete, or rewrite your content stored in SharePoint and OneDrive. The previous API didn’t meet the highest level of security, but is improved by supporting the newest API technology from Microsoft. The security has been improved to support and obtain authorization via your company login page via two factor login support, if it is activated in your login policy.

Lasernet now also support shared publicly on both the SharePoint and OneDrive module. This means that you can store documents in your SharePoint or OneDrive server and send shared links to the documents in your e-mails. This link can be accessed in a specified number of days, depending how long you want the receiver to be able to access the document.

In this way, you don’t have to remember to delete files yourself, and the files are not deleted from OneDrive or SharePoint, it’s only the link that expires.
Higher speed with Azure Service Bus

Higher speed with Azure Service Bus

Multi-threading support is now a part of the Azure Service Bus module, enabling Lasernet to process multiple incoming jobs at the same time. The end-result is a performance improvement by using all logical cores in the server simultaneously.

The Azure Service Bus works as a message handler to exchange data temporary stored in the Azure storage by the Lasernet Dynamics Connector or other applications. The service bus sends a message to Lasernet that there is a file in the storage and Lasernet will download and process the document immediately.
In previous versions, Lasernet was only able to handle one message at a time, but from Lasernet 9.9 multiple jobs, from a batch, are processed at the same time by supporting all the logical processors in the server. Imagine that you have a 500 documents in a batch. Instead of converting them one at a time, Lasernet can process as many documents simultaneously as logical cores in the server, which means 2 – 5 times faster for a single batch depending on available cores.

Lasernet 9 has been released

New modules and general changes for Lasernet 9

We have taken your wishes to Formpipe, which has developed a new PDF package that consists of an enhanced PDF Converter, PDF Merge, PDF Split and PDF Stamp Tool.

  • Lasernet 9's PDF Converter has an improved speed, where it’s up to 3 times faster to convert an ERP document.
  • PDF Merge is a new module to combine/merge PDF documents. It allows PDF documents to be gathered into one large file.
  • PDF Split is a new module to split PDF documents into multiple parts.
  • PDF Stamp Tool is a new module/editor to stamp already written PDF documents with text strings, images and page numbering.

PDF stamp tool for Lasernet

Lasernet Form Editor 9



A new great feature for many is 'Subforms', which makes it easier to maintain their ERP documents. This feature makes it possible to design your ERP documents in many small bits in the form of individual objects. For example, if you make a change in contact information, this correction is inherited in all documents that make use of this design. A Subform can contain multiple of Rearranges, Shapes etc. and saved as a local or global Subform. You can inherit a global Subform multiple times in multiple forms, both in a static position (similar to Overlays), or in a user-defined position (similar to Rearranges).


Rich Text Editor emulates Microsoft ® Word ® appearance and is used to write letters consisting of phrases. With the build-in Phrase Editor you can create and inherit multiple inline or global phrases across forms created as DOCX/PDF format. The big news is that the feature allows you to create and print both DOCX, PDF and PDF/A as output formats. * This functionality is an additional module. Contact us for more information.


The new Excel Spreadsheet Editor emulates Microsoft ® Excel ® appearance and allows you to create and send spreadsheet formats – i.e. getting XSLX as your output format. It is now possible to retrieve data from your financial management system and export these to others, who can merge data into. * This functionality is an additional module. Contact us for more information.


This feature has been high on the wish list of Lasernet users. It is now possible to customize the back-ground colors to highlight the invoice line items in a table associated with the conditioned area, so the col-ors differentiate for even / odd rows.


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