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Test & Performance Tool for Lasernet

Do you use Lasernet optimally? Test it with our product Test and Performance tool

Do you have problems with test or performance of your business documents? And do you want to know how to use Lasernet even smarter or how to further optimize performance?

You can adress the problems with our latest product: Test and Performance suite.

The product includes both a test and performance functionality and covers different needs.

Lasernet tests

Test and performance tool demo

How to optimize Lasernet's performance and use Lasernet even smarter

The new Lasernet Test and Performance tool is for you, who wants to work smarter - not harder - and get even more value of Lasernet.

With the Test Tool you can test your setup after upgrading in an easier way:

• You have the opportunity to test Lasernet reports.

• Test scenarios can be run manually in the background or as automated tests (using the Regression Suite Automation Tool).

• Test of the report compares a generated report with a saved expected report after upgrade.

The main purpose of the test is to validate Lasernet report generation after upgrade. It does not replace Unit tests.

Lasernet test tool

The performance tool is for you who wants optimized performance. The tool gives you:

• Help to maintain large amounts of data for Lasernet processing, e.g. printing, e-mail distribution, etc.

• Ability to create batch jobs, either as Top Picking or Batch bundling to improve performance.

• Opportunity to see how the Lasernet solution performs at peak loads in collaboration with D365, Azure Servicebus and Azure Storage.

Lasernet performance

Want to know more?

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