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Default Printers | Save time by choosing a default printer

Do you print a lot and have to choose your printer every time? Then a configuration of a default printer could save you a lot of time on a daily basis.

default printersWhat is a default printer?

A default printer is the printer, which all print jobs are sent to unless otherwise is specified – in other words: your primary printer.

The installation of a default printer prevents Lasernet from asking the user what printer they want to use each time they print a business document.

Rules for default printer settings

The option of configuring the default printer is extended by a possibility to add rules for the Default printer.
You can set these rules up, so either a specific user, group of users or all users has configurated a default printer for a specific reports, group of reports or all reports as the model shows below.
These rules are especially useful, if you know that a specific report only needs to be printed at a specific location. Then you can setup a report or a group of reports for that location to print to the same printer everytime. This saves your staff from using time to evaluate which printer, they should choose for a print job.

Benefits of the default printer

Default printer is smart because you save having to choose different printer every time.
Eg. if you print an invoice, then it may have to go to a special printer and if you print labels or delivery notes, then they have to go to some other printers. This saves the user a lot of clicks. And with Lasernet print buttons (which are part of the package), you can make a quick button that always chooses to print to the Default Printer. It saves the user several clicks.

Guide to setup default printer in Lasernet

It is possible to define default printers in Lasernet > Setup > Defaults > Default printers.
The following combinations of users and reports are possible for the default printer configuration.
The search order for finding the default printer is as follows:
  1. Report - User
  2. Report - User Group
  3. Report - All users
  4. ReportGroup - User
  5. ReportGroup - UserGroup
  6. ReportGroup - All users
  7. All Reports - User
  8. All Reports - UserGroup
  9. All Reports - All users
  10. Default printer defined in Lasernet printer (Lasernet > Setup > Lists > Printers)
The default printer defined on the Printers page (Lasernet > Setup > Lists > Printers) is used in case no default printer is found according to any rule available.
A rule to find the default printer can be used on such pages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations as: Predefined destinations, Fallback destination, Quick destination (Warehouse printing), Customer/Vendor contacts, as well as on the Predefined destinations page of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Selecting the Default value from the Printer name drop-down combo box on the Print destination settings page allows activating this rule.


Default Printer References

Default Printer References are used for Warehouse. Here you can specify a printer that fits the warehouse you are in.

If you are a person working in different warehouse locations, then you can set up a printer on the user so when he is in location 1 he prints to a printer and when he is in location 2, he prints on another printer.

All this is set up as an administrator, so that the user does not have to think about the printer choice, but that he just changes location, then Lasernet changes the printer for him.

Guide to use the default printer references

The References section of the Default printers page is not used for finding the default printer, but contains some additional fields.

The additional field can be used by joining the table ‘LACDefaultDestination’ to the required report and afterwards use the information regarding the printer in the Predefined destinations.
An example in which the field WHSUserId from the table LACDefaultDestination is used as link to the table WHSLicensePlateLabel
The fields InventSiteId, InventLocationId, WMSLocationId can also be used to link to any tables. Afterwards the information from the table LACDefaultDestination is used in the predefined destination to fill the information regarding the Printer.
Important to fill all 3 fields Printer name, Printer type and Identifier as this information is required to find the correct printer. The field PrinterProfile in the table LACDefaultDestination are optional.

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