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Event viewer

Do you have a different monitor program than Lasernet? And do you want to know how to raise an alarm and quickly take action, if a job has failed in Lasernet? With the event viewer, you can monitor the Lasernet Server from a default on the Windows Server.

With Lasernet Output Management, you can let Lasernet log events in the Event viewer on the server. If you have an external tool monitoring the servers event log, then you can setup Lasernet to add logs in the Event viewer as well. It doesn’t have to be error messages, it can also be messages when something is finished.

Get a message, if something goes wrong

With your external monitor program, you can monitor the event viewer on the server. If an error occurs, the event viewer sends you a message about which error there’s at stake and where to fix it - and then you have tools to monitor it. This could be, if a job has failed, a printer isn’t working, or you can’t print.

How to?

In your configuration, go to the server and the Logger tab. Locate the Events tab and enable “Store EventLog messages in Windows Event log”. 

Then Commit and Deploy the Lasernet configuration.

Error sample from Lasernet Monitor that are logged in Event Viewer.

Another event with Lasernet is the Dynamics 365 FO Lasernet Cloud Print

Here you can add the Lasernet Cloud Print Connector log to the Event Viewer. This function is specifically for D365 FO. It’s the same function as the one above, but with this tool, you can monitor your Cloud Prints. You also have the opportunity to get any errors into the event viewer from our Lasernet Cloud Print connector.

How to?

1. Open Event Viewer on the pc where Lasernet Cloud Print Connector are installed and where you want to monitor the log. 

2. Right click on Custom Views and select Create Custom View.

3. Select By source and from the Event sources dropdown list, select Lasernet Cloud Print Connector if you are running it as a service or Lasernet Cloud Print Connector UI if you are running it as a user.

4. In order to close the dropdown list, click in a random place in the Create Custom View window.

5. Click Close.

6. Give new Filter a name and click OK.

7. Now everything will be logged in the Event Viewer.


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