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Lasernet 9.7 - great new features

The new version of Lasernet consist of a wide range of new functions like data merging, new output formats in the Lasernet Form Editor and a new output module to archive documents.

This release of Lasernet primarily focuses on new modules to improve the functionality of Lasernet.

Look forward to:



A new output format in the Form Editor and a module in the PDF Tool package, to merge meta data with PDF filler fields designed in Adobe Acrobat.


Set up Azure Hybrid Connection to connect Lasernet Meta, Lasernet Client and Lasernet OCR with Lasernet Server.


New module in the XML package to convert system JobInfos into a Job that will contain an XML structure.


New output module to archive documents in Long-Term Archive by Formpipe used a system for preservation of digital information over time.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

Lasernet Config Server

  • Support for Windows User Authentication in SQL Server from the Lasernet Config Server, by leaving username and password empty in Lasernet Licenser Manager -> Config SQL Server
  • Excluded Grab and Templates objects from being deployed to Lasernet Service

Lasernet Developer

  • Largest allowed file size for resources in the configuration are now limited to a maximum of 25 MB. Objects larger than this size cannot be committed, patched or deployed to the configuration server
  • Support for Test tool added to Web Server input module
  • Fixed a crash when updating configuration over a slow or unstable connection
  • Fixed various export/import objects issues

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed that the result of script was not recalculated in preview mode for JSON output
  • Fixed a memory leak in PDF preview
  • The ScriptEditor collapsing in Edit Form Modifier dialog is fixed
  • Fixed that an overlay was published on non generated pages, in viewing mode, even when criteria was not true
  • Fixed that only supported tools in toolbar for Rich Text Editor are accessable when switching from XLSX to DOCX sheet

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Added support for moving of forms to other index when filtering was applied

Azure Service Bus

  • Fixed crash when query URIs contains spaces or special characters
  • Support for JobInfo substitution added to SAS Key Name

Database Connection

  • Fixed that database pooling was not working

File Input

  • Fixed locking issue when picking up .lnjob as input files

PDF to Text

  • Fixed a problem when reading PDF documents created by PDFTron

PDF Engine

  • Fixed an issue where Hebrew text was reversed (requires Windows EMF as overlay format)

PDF Merge

  • Job will now fail if a invalid PDF document for merging is detected

Printer Output

  • Improved auto detection of PDF and DOCX documents, stored in JobData or as PrintAttachment, when printing documents via Lasernet service
  • Removed the support for using Foxit Reader installed in Windows for background printing (local copy of FoxitReader.exe in the Lasernet program folder is still supported but not required) 

XML Transformer

  • Fixed crash when running XML actions after a modifier returned invalid XML caused by an invalid codepage
  • Added log message when modifier returns invalid XML
  • Fixed that the form criteria was listed in a wrong order after migration from older versions

Web Server

  • Added support for parsing query parameters as JobInfos in the URL.


  • Added support for a new MagicBytes helper class to detect the contents for a range of file types


  • Added support for reading multiple JobInfoDescriptions.xml files stored in Modules.NET folders for modules created in .NET

SharePoint Output

  • Fixed a Sharepoint error causing a "Modifier type has no modifier handler"

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