• Work should not balance against our lives - it should be part of our lives

    Work should not balance against our lives - it should be part of our lives

What it is like to work at Tabellae

From the meeting by the coffee machine to the joint breakfast and Friday bars. At Tabellae, our common workplace is a good place to be.


Meet Jan Meilstrup, Consultant at Tabellae                                                                  Meet Michael Frantzen, Product expert at Tabellae



Meet Sofie Sussemiehl, Marketing Assistant at Tabellae                                           Meet Kristian Truesen, Account Manager at Tabellae



Meet Lars Kristian Hansen, Consultant at Tabellae                                                     Meet Sanna Lundh, Consultant at Tabellae



What out employees say


Jacob Johansen, Product expert

Jacob Johansen,
Product expert

"Sometimes, you look forward to getting away from work. Here, I mostly look forward to getting to work.
The company is busy, there is always something to do, so you never sit around getting bored. I find the 'drive' around this place very motivating.
The working environment is good and there is a great sense of humour. Colleagues are also really helpful when you are new."
Gitte Jørgensen, Accountant

Gitte Jørgensen,

"To make my private and working life add up, I work part time. I feel that I am shown great trust. I can plan my day and organise my time around my tasks. If necessary, I work from home, and overall, it gives me energy during the day to have that flexibility. The tasks are interesting, adequate relative to working hours, and there is ample opportunity to develop professionally here."
Michael Frantzen, Product expert

Michael Frantzen,
Product expert

"Tabellae is a great place to work. I really like my colleagues and the freedom we enjoy here. Management know that I will give it my all when I am here, and therefore they allow me the freedom to leave early whenever needed, for example to take part in something with the kids. It really is 'give and take'.
The flat organisational structure means that you can easily 'kick down the door' to management and clear things up quickly."
Sofie Sussemiehl, Marketing assistant

Sofie Sussemiehl,
Marketing assistant

"Things move fast and there is not long from thought to action. That fits my approach to work very well.
At Tabellae, I have been thrown into many different tasks. Tabellae trusted my skills and I have been given responsibility for different tasks from the very beginning. Of course you grow from that - and it gives me a broad, new knowledge, which I think you can only achieve in a small business."
Martin Purdy, Consultant

Martin Purdy,

"The opportunity to specialise in a product and have ample opportunity to develop my skills in various fields is extremely positive. It really satisfies my "geek needs."
I really like the flat structure. Management have a great approach to operations. I always experience a great openness - if there are questions, I can always get hold of them and implement decisions quickly.
I never feel that I am being asked to do something I do not want to, and it is easy to measure whether I am doing well or poorly."
Sobia Shafi, Consultant

Sobia Shafi,

"The working environment here is cool with good colleagues - you can talk to everyone. The tone is like that among friends.
I love the shift between being in-house and at the customer’s site. Every time a new project starts, it is exciting - as a consultant, you are gaining an entirely new customer, you get to meet new people and face new challenges. Working here never gets boring.
In addition, management understand that both work and private life have to function, and that the children need to be picked up."
Jan Meilstrup, Consultant

Jan Meilstrup,

"Tabellae is a niche business, where we work exclusively with a few products. This means that we get really good at what we do. As specialists, we can quickly understand what the customer wants. At the same time, our deliveries are incredibly versatile, so tasks are never monotonous. We constantly come into contact with new interfaces - and new challenges and requirements from our customers. Being able to solve these and be one of the very best at what we do is a pleasure."
Marie Høybye, Marketing Manager

Marie Høybye,
Marketing Manager

"The best thing about Tabellae is that there is a 'high ceiling', psychologically. Management are ambitious, have a sense of humour and self-irony and display a great level of trust and responsiveness.
The many lovely colleagues make you feel like part of a wonderful community with a good atmosphere.
We have a great 'go-do-it' approach that makes it possible to move quickly. The company is developing rapidly, and being part of an international growth journey makes my job more exciting."

Flexibility and short decision paths

Flexibility and short decision paths

Short decision paths and a humorous tone - that is everyday life at Tabellae. We offer flexible working conditions based on trust and 'freedom with responsibility'. Some prefer coming in early, others late. We do this in whatever way suits us the best, and that we can agree on with colleagues and clients.
Community and good conditions

Community and
good conditions

We offer health insurance, a varied lunch scheme, massage, good coffee, company events, a bonus scheme, common profit sharing and extra leave beyond the standard holidays.
Professional challenges and participatory influence

Professional challenges and participatory influence

You get to work in a technically strong and good working environment, with complex and exciting IT tasks. There is no 'micro management' here. Each team member is an expert in their field and has great influence on both the company’s development and their own job content.
Working hours accommodate the different stages of life

Working hours accommodate the different stages of life

We are happy to accommodate employees at different stages in their lives. Therefore, we have students, parents with young children, seniors, overtime workers and part-time employees. We want to create the freedom that matters to the individual employee.

Vacancies at Tabellae

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Tabellae is an implementation house specializing in invoices, offers and other output from business systems. We reduce the cost of document exchange and the number of unknowns in the ERP project, making the overall ERP solution easier to maintain and cheaper to upgrade as well as ensuring that it goes live on time and on budget.

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