• Endless possibilities with Lasernet

    Endless possibilities with Lasernet

Warehouse Mobile App (dynamic labelling process)

Get more out of Dynamics Mobile Warehouse App with Lasernet! Used in conjunction with Lasernet, users are able to create, design and edit reports using the app, which is fully integrated into Dynamics.

In addition to this, Lasernet also provides the option to add items and fields to reports, without the need for downtime or a server reboot. For those requiring labels, Lasernet can print to any printer in the world, saving the user having to go back to their designated printer.

Lasernet simplifies the use of Dynamics Mobile Warehouse

When an item is scanned, 1 label is printed in the ERP system as standard. If, for example, 100 items are received in 2 boxes or across 2 pallets, Lasernet allows you to print 2 labels. Furthermore, you can easily choose which kind of label you want (e.g. 'Dangerous Goods, large/small label, green/yellow label, etc.). This feature increases clarity, minimises errors and opens up a locked and static function in Dynamics.

Lasernet supports printing from Warehouse, where it is possible to generate labels from the Warehouse Mobile App. With this app, it is possible to add 4 additional fields - all without coding:

  • Reference
  • Note
  • Print quantity
  • Choose printer

You can also reprint a label at the warehouse you are in — no matter where it was printed before (only in Dynamics 365 FO).

Warehouse Mobile App - dynamic labelling process

Below, you'll see an example of the print function in the Warehouse Mobile Device app with Lasernet.


Dynamics Mobile Warehouse App with Lasernet



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