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Dynamics 365 fO solution goes live at Verdo

Verdo goes live with Dynamics 365 FO solutionThe energy company Verdo’s Dynamics 365 for Operations solution goes live – on time and on budget. The implementation was succesful due to industry knowledge, good cooperation and extensive business knowledge.

Incremental upgrades to 365 fO Verdo has been a Tabellae customer since 2014

Verdo generates many documents thanks to a large number of suppliers and customers. Therefore, back in 2014, the Danish part of the organization invested in Lasernet Input Management to receive supplier invoices and Lasernet Output Management for outgoing documents such as purchase invoices. Lasernet is used here, for example, as a tool to engage with customers, as you can easily and quickly personalize and continually change what content customers see on the documents.

The entire Verdo organization is switching over to Microsoft Dynamics 365, but instead of taking all departments at the same time, it was decided to start a D365fO project in a defined area - at Verdo UK. In this way, Verdo minimizes the risks and gains useful experience prior to a broad roll-out in the other departments.

Tabellae is a safe choice with regards to Dynamics 365

At the start of the implementation, Tabellae was one of the few implementation specialists with Dynamics 365 experience. 
Coupled with the good experience we already had from the use of Lasernet in Denmark, Tabellae was a relatively safe choice with regards to, for instance, encoding the document part of the ERP project itself, and Verdo could instead concentrate on the primary part of the ERP project.

Future-proof setup facilitates the subsequent implementation

The core of the solution from Tabellae’s side is made as a thought-based solution with built-in flexibility with regards to logic and structure. In this way, the department’s various requirements are easier to meet and the roll-out to other departments will be cheaper.
It has been possible to build a future-proof solution from the start as a result of the good and close collaboration between Verdo’s talented people and Tabellae, especially in the scoping phase, where Tabellae’s consultants have secured all necessary knowledge at an early stage, including basic understanding of where the company is headed. Tabellae’s Dynamics 365 knowledge has also been essential, as the set-up in 365 is different than in AX.

Characteristic for the energy and utilities industry are the high demands on the level of information, user-friendliness and dissemination of documents. Customer consumption must be specified per customer and services must be communicated in an understandable manner. For example, invoices can easily be turned into information and promotion documents with graphs, QR codes, consumption this year versus last year, good energy advice, etc., using Lasernet.

7 documents are ready - and there are more to come

In November 2017, Verdo launched preliminary documents - including invoices, purchase orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, account statements and there are more to come. All are developed based on Tabellae’s Best Practice templates with which the broad outlines of their content quickly becomes clear, so only a series of customizations are required. The layout could largely be recycled from Verdo’s existing documents that have already been developed with Lasernet in Denmark.

The 365 solution went live in November 2017 - on time and within budget.
Contact Kristian Truesen on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +45 3147 2159 to find out more.

About Verdo

Verdo is an international energy group with a focus on renewable energy. The company offers, amongst other things, energy advice and production of green fuels such as wood pellets, briquettes and sustainable biomass. Verdo operates in most of Europe and Africa, and has 17 companies in Denmark and 1 in the UK. AX 2012 is used in Denmark, while the British company has just gone live with the Dynamics 365 ERP system.

Read more on www.verdo.dk

Add company info

Add company info

0 hours (included in Tabellae Best Practice) vs. 8-16 hours
Corrections after testing

Corrections after testing

10 hours vs. 200 hours
Configure automatic attachment

Configure automatic attachment

1-8 hours vs. 100 hours
Encoding 1 label

Encoding 1 label

+3 days vs. much less than 1 day
Changes in design on 1 invoice (1st page different from other pages)

Changes in design on 1 invoice (1st page different from other pages)

1 hour vs. 20 hours

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