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KONE - a new e-invoicing for SAP customer case

"Lasernet has helped us cut costs significantly. It’s flexible, easy and fast to use"

Smart thinking’ is a way of life at KONE.
For two years, they searched for an intelligent invoicing system. Then they found Lasernet, which has now been implemented in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Lasernet solution from Tabellae gives:

• Savings of SEK 16 per invoice
• Fast document changes
• Individual country requirements can be met
• More professional invoices
• Greater flexibility

and the ability to adjust to legislation and customer requirements - fast !

About KONEModifications i SAP is not a simple task...

As a global company with a shared ERP platform, local modifications can be a challenge. At worst, they can destroy the set-up somewhere else in the world or accidentally
overwrite something. For this reason, modifications are subject to extensive approval procedures and testing before being rolled out across the board.
KONE Scandinavia kept receiving more and more formatting and layout requirements from their customers. They needed more presentable and user-friendly invoices
that fit the recipients’ formats. Not a simple task with the ERP system from SAP, which is relatively complex to modify.
Major savings and satisfied customers
“We used to receive many requests and questions from customers. Now we don’t hear anything. We consider this a good thing,” says Benny Avenstrup, who continues:
“By our calculations, we save around 2 EURO per invoice in Sweden alone.
Lasernet has helped us cut costs significantly. It’s flexible, easy and fast to use. You just place the elements where you want them and it’s ready.”

Read the full customer case by clicking here



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Add company info

Add company info

0 hours (included in Tabellae Best Practice) vs. 8-16 hours
Corrections after testing

Corrections after testing

10 hours vs. 200 hours
Configure automatic attachment

Configure automatic attachment

1-8 hours vs. 100 hours
Encoding 1 label

Encoding 1 label

+3 days vs. much less than 1 day
Changes in design on 1 invoice (1st page different from other pages)

Changes in design on 1 invoice (1st page different from other pages)

1 hour vs. 20 hours

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Calculate Your Return on Investment

Calculate Your Return on Investment

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