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Tabellae wins a "secret" deal

Today, it has just been announced, that Tabellae has been chosen to deliver the new Output Management solution to FET (Forsvarets EfterretningsTjeneste), also known as Danish Defence Intelligence Service.

"We have worked on this deal for a very long time, but it has been impossible for us to tell about it or even to forecast the deal in our internal sales pipeline.", says CEO Lennart Garbarsch, Tabellae International.

The solution is based on the leading software, Lasernet, which is developed under very secure circumstances - sometimes even mystical, in various places. The solution is here and there and everywhere - in the Cloud, Hosted Server or even as a small hidden service on an old server - also seen in disguise as a print-server.

The Solution will be delivered during 2018 and will be installed on Danish ground only along with some Cloud services - hanging purely over Danish territory. 

In 2019 the Output Management solution will expand to Greenland, Faroe Islands and a third "location" (close to Russia).

Having Output Mgt. from Tabellae really brings us in the forefront of the new age of modern communication.

Dan Hansen, Colonel (Oberst).

FET will use the Lasernet environment to enhance their Trans-Promo capabilities, making it more seamless to communicate with the various document formats that are used by PET, CIA, FBI and other foreign intelligence agencies.   

About DDIS

Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) is Denmark’s foreign intelligence service. We are also Denmark’s military intelligence service

We collect, analyse, and disseminate information concerning conditions abroad which are of importance to Denmark’s security, and to the security of Danish military units deployed on international missions. Intelligence activities include collection of information of political, financial, scientific, and military interest. It also includes international terrorism, extremists, international arms trafficking, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
We collect information via “closed” and open sources. “Closed” sources include electronic intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), and bilateral co-operation with a wide range of other intelligence services. Open sources include newspapers, journals, TV, and the Internet.
Moreover, we direct and control the military security, both for installations and units in Denmark and for units, ships and aircraft deployed on international missions abroad.


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Meet our new project manager

On May 1, Lars Rørdam Christensen completed his first day as our new project manager. He brings in 20 years of IT experience, a solid business approach, a well-developed service gene – and a great affection for LaserNet...

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New US consultant at Tabellae Inc

JustinJustin Nolde starts working the 1st. of October at Tabellae Inc as a Lasernet Implementation Consultant.

Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, Justin will assist our existing US customers as well as new customers to implement Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Operations and Lasernet for other ERP applications such as SAP, Oracle and Dynamics NAV.

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