ERP - Start with the last thing first!

What if you could start an ERP project with the "result" pre-made?

Customer-facing documents are one of the most visible results of a successful ERP implementation. It is also an incredibly important result, because without labels - no shipments and without invoices - no cash flow and liquidity.

Often it is a rather overlooked area that in some cases is not ready for the first UAT and go-lives. In such cases, it can increase the risks inherent in all ERP projects:

  • delays
  • expensive and inflexible solutions
  • poor quality

What are ERP documents?

Herbert Nathan: "Partner selection is more important than product selection"

There is a lot to do in an ERP project

Often there are also many participants in a project - both internal and external. Everyone has different competences, but the same purpose.

It can often lead to delays and budget overruns when you use project participants (from the ERP supplier or internally) for tasks that they have not tried many times before.

There are many tools for creating ERP documents, including Word - but not many people know the requirements and conditions that are important in terms of content and distribution.

ERP project

"Even the worst tool with the best competence is better than poor competence with the right tool"

Start with a "Fast Track" document package and Best Practices

Always ask your ERP supplier if they have the right experience. If they have knowledge, that's great - but knowledge + experience = competence, and that's what your ERP project deserves.

A Fast Track Best Practice Package contains the most essential customer-facing documents from day 1. In addition, you can start with a Fast Track package, which is often 60-70% ready in relation to the final customer-facing result, which also contains know-how.

Most ERP suppliers have access to such a package in relation to Dynamics 365 FO and 365BC as well as SAP.

Fortunately, the days of coding customer documents in the ERP system are long gone for most consultancies, who have plenty of use for their consultants for other ERP tasks.

Tabellae Best Practice

Business documents are complex

Several of our consultants have been working with ERP documents for more than 25 years and it HAS gotten easier. However, the world has become much more complex in terms of customer requirements, international requirements, document formats, etc.

Lennart Garbarsch: I don't know any one person who has ALL the right skills

However, with the right ERP vendor, the right team and the right tools, you are in for a very exciting and rewarding time. Congratulations on your decision to move to a modern, compliant and streamlining ERP system!

Handle business documents

About Tabellae

Tabellae is the ERP system's best friend. As the world's most specialized Output Management consultancy, our 70 specialists have helped more than 550 companies globally to minimize ERP project risks, interact effectively with customers and future-proof their ERP.

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Om Tabellae

Tabellae er et implementeringshus med speciale i fakturaer, tilbud og andet Output fra forretningssystemer. Vi reducerer omkostningerne ved udveksling af dokumenter og mindsker antallet af ubekendte i ERP-projektet, så den samlede ERP-løsning bliver nemmere at vedligeholde, billigere at opgradere, og går live indenfor tid og budget.

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