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New solution: Lasernet Connector for Customer Engagement

Lasernet CE Connector for Dynamics 365 has been added to our portfolio of Document Management solutions.

The new connector makes it easy to control both your sales and operations documents with a single design tool. It expands the Lasernet document output experience to a new level and creates a solution that provides central control over multiple data sources within Dynamics product range. The Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement combines data from both D365FO and CE – easily and without coding. Tabellae makes it easy to handle the two different platforms.

The new features include:

  • Brand consistency across different areas of Dynamics
  • Simplified printer device management
  • Unlimited opportunities within Logic Apps
  • Combine data from Dynamics 365 FO and Dynamics 365 CE

What's new with the Lasernet CE Connector?

Now, you can use your Lasernet for Dynamics FO Connector and its many options for advanced distribution logic and multiple format types. At the same time, you can very easily use data from both CE and FO in the same report, e.g. an offer from CE could collect pictures from the item in FO. The data can be found with our "Query Wizard" in the FO connector, and here it is easy to get an overview of both entities from CE and tables from FO without having to code anything in either CE or FO.

Customer Engagement Connector

Customer Engagement Connector

With Lasernet, you'll have the opportunity to view the report on the screen before you send it to the customer via our print dialog. From the print dialog, you can choose your printer - whether it's a network or cloud printer or our custom port. You can also send an email directly from the dialog, where you decide who should receive it and what the content, subject and body should be.

Lasernet Connector for CE

Documents your way

Lasernet CE Connector offers a new level of distribution options that can even send emails to predefined destinations without having to choose templates. Advanced distribution rules can be created to ensure that the document is only received or printed by the person or department for which it is intended.

With standardized branding across all documents, regardless of who creates it, Lasernet CE Connector can create documents in any format (eg. XML, Word, CSV and Excel) and print directly to any printer worldwide.

Key benefits of the CE Connector

  • Same design tool for all documents across applications
  • Same brand on all documents regardless of which department makes them
  • Print dialog with options for screen viewing, email, print and predefined destinations
  • Easy to use data from Customer Engagement (Entities) and Finance & Operations (Tables) on the same report
  • Send emails without using templates
  • Print directly with a button without having to mail merge in Word first
  • Create different formats such as XML, WORD, CSV and Excel
  • Cloud print

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